Wow I have been Gone a long time but Back with Great News.

Seymour Here:

Hi, everyone!!!  I missed all of you but we have been so busy this past winter and most of the spring.  What have we been up to?  Lots.  And I’ll have to catch you up on my friends too.

Where to Start.

First, I should announce that ADKArtsBoutique is having a SALE!!  Yep.  We have a sale going on right now of all of our handcrafted handbags.  All you need to do is use the coupon code: SPRINGFLING24 for a 10% discount.  Here are just a few!!


Now the BIG NEWS!!  We have opened a third shop on Etsy.  It is called BirchwoodGallery.  It will be full of art, drawings, and photography.  Need something for that wall, here is the place to come to.  It is run by my sister Katilee so stop by and say hello.

Here is a glimpse into her great shop and I’m the mascot there too. 🙂

My mom has started a whole new line in ADKArtsBoutique.  Guess who is the top model. ME!!  Yep, pet clothes and here is me doing my modeling job.  She just started this new section and plans on adding more handmade original designs soon.  She can make these for any pet you have from hamster to large dog.  This is Rico modeling one mom made for him.

FullSizeRender (2)

Here I am strutting my cat stuff.  Not bad if I say so myself.

Here is Moses.  He is a satisfied customer.  He got a poncho and a blanket.  Lucky Kitty.


My Dad is still busy with his Etsy Shop MountainAireVintage.  He is adding new items every day.  Vintage and Antiques are his favorite things next to me.  He especially loves beautiful old glassware.  Here are some of his newest items.  Stop by and say hi to Dad.


Now to tell you about my friends.  I’ll start with Spots.  He is a busy Kitty helping his mom in her Etsy shops.  and    When he is not doing that he is having fun with his playmates.  Here is my best friend from Singapore.  As you can see he is a great help, he keeps his mom’s fingers warm when she is working.  Oh, can’t let the keyboard get cold either.  We cats have to work very hard.

I have a doggie friend which you already met being dog model of the year.  His name is Rico and he lives in Pennsylvania.  He helps his mom too in her Etsy shop.

My mom has taken up bike riding.  She wants to be a biker chick but I just hate to tell her that it a motorcycle you need to ride.  Not a bicycle to be one.  Sometimes these humans get it all wrong.  Some even think horses are bicycles.  LOL  Good thing pets are here to take care of them.

That is the news from here.  I spend as much time as possible helping Mom.  I have my own place next to her when she is working.  I lay on top of a large tote and she thinks I’m sleeping. I’m really keeping an eye on her.  I have to watch these people all the time or they get into trouble.  A cat’s work is never done.   Goodbye for now.  I’ll be back Soon, Seymour




Fall at ADKArtsBoutique

Seymour here:

Hi everyone,  I had a busy summer.  I’m sorry for not communicating with all of my good friends.  You know a cat’s life is very busy and to tell you the truth I couldn’t get mom off the computer long enough to get anything done.   So fall is here and it’s beautiful.

This is outside ADKArtsBoutique and MountainAireVintage:

001 002 (2) 003 (2) 005 out side bedroom window one 012

I would also like to wish you all a very Happy Halloween.

009 011 night mumpkin DSC_0060

Just a reminder and for safety reasons please keep your black kitties in the house.  That is where I will be.

What is new at ADKArtsBoutique  Well, Mom has been busy as always.  She some new bags done.  Here they are.

101set of twoUntitled-1006 021

Aren’t these bags cool.  The large tote on top is called a drum bag.  It is large and will hold lots of items.  The next one is a beautiful white beaded and fringed top handle bag.  The top handle is hand tooled leather and gorgeous.  The last one is a small black and white drawstring pouch.   These are all available plus a whole lot more at ADKArtsBoutique on Etsy

My sister Katilee has been very busy too.  Here is what she has been up to.

First she has done a commissioned piece for a streamer on Twitch.  This so much fun and it makes me smile every time I see it.  Did you know that cats are the only animal that can smile. 🙂

thesaltysectoid_small_katileeturon_by_adkkitty-d9et515 copy

For our shop Kati has made some new and unique art.  Here is some of her newest.

PumpkinQueen-KatileeTuron Haunted-KatileeTuron ColonyEngineer-KatileeTuron Harvest Witch-Katilee Turon

Remember that cool and cold weather is on the way and my mom has something to help you keep really warm and toasty at the football game, tailgate party, or any other event.  You can have it made in any color of your choosing they are custom made for you.

josie and kati DSC_0115 il_570xN.814845031_jlo9

Don’t forget also that Christmas is coming and ADKArtsBoutique has lots of great gift ideas for you.  We have Christmas cards.

020 010

Hand crocheted Christmas Snowflakes, some even come in colors.  You may also request colors.  We always love custom orders. 😉

046 067 054

Speaking of Christmas don’t for get to stop by MountainAireVintage.

il_570xN.857877547_1mg9 il_570xN.794113170_kdi7 il_570xN.854496529_mge6 il_570xN.789978512_kzdn il_570xN.656533237_n1eq

I bet you are wondering how my friends are.  Well they are all doing great.  Here is Spots, Wally and Bobo from Singapore. They are a fun trio.  I know that they keep their Mom very busy.  Don’t you love the color of Spots green eyes.  They are all very adorable.

icm_fullxfull.67441624_f1le600sd4gs8ko84sw4 1533894_10206862358255933_2088057485460925428_n 11403009_10206862346695644_89344806413054896_n

Their Mom runs two Etsy shops  One is SwamiJewelry where you can find gorgeous jewelry like this:


The other is Rainbow Knit and here are some great items from this shop.


My other friend is Rico.  The non stop eating machine of a doggie.  He loves his treats.  This is Rico.  What a sweet boy.

icm_fullxfull.69958676_8jmnv9gsrps8g40wwkow icm_fullxfull.64416829_1e585w3b6yv40cg8sc0s

His Mom’s Etsy shop is called MonicaWilgaDesigns  These are some fantastic items from her shop.


Also I want to tell you about our friend Lawrence Carter Jr. from AcrossLeather  He has been very ill for quite some time but now is getting up and around.  He is getting back to work and we are delighted.  His work is the best and he is the ultimate in Leather artistry.


I  want to wish you all a very Happy Halloween and take care of all the kiddies.  Keep them safe and let them have lots of fun. But just between you and I, I don’t like leaves on the ground.  They drive me crazy.  YUCK!!   I don’t get to go out and play now as often and that makes me unhappy too.  But there are compensations.  I get to talk to all of you.

Remember, adopt your next furry, fuzzy, scaled, or feathered friend.  That is best way to save a life.  I know I was adopted and look at me now.  PR Manager, Quality Control, Inspector, Customer Service Mgr., Blogger, and Mascot of two Etsy shops. Now that does keep a cat busy.  So stop by ADKArtsBoutique   and visit my Mom  and also stop by MountainAireVintage and visit my Dad.

Take care and until next time

Seymour 🙂

002 (7) 001 (2) 002 (6) 003 (3) yuiiiiyuiyuiyuiuy

Airbrushing leather 2

Seymour here: This is my friend and collar maker. He is an expert leather artist and he made my collar. This is how he makes them beautiful with color. 🙂

Across Leather

Upon request I started to put together a library of airbrushing leather moments. Here you’ll find a Sheridan styled and tooled flower sprayed in my unlucky color blue. Ironically my favorite color just the hardest to work with in my World. The piece in question is a business card case expanded to a wallet. 😉

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Seymour Here Again, Finally :)

Seymour here:

004 (5)

Wow it’s been a very long time since I have gotten back to all of you wonderful people.  Been doing a bit of rearranging here at ADKArtsBoutique and MountainAireVintage.  Mom had to redo her command center ( where her computer is located) to make more room for the vintage items that they have found on their hunts.  Also trying to find a place to store all of these great items too.  But now I think I’m back and running.  So to celebrate ADKArtsBoutique is having a Summer Sale!!!  Here are some of the great items we have on Sale Now!!


Crochet and Leather Boho Bag, Hobo Drawstring and Hand Tooled Leather Cradle Bag
For the Summer we have to decided to give you a great deal. This bag originally listed at $650.00 is now at an amazing price of $399.00. This is just for the summer so don’t miss this sweet summer find. A great bag for carrying all your essentials.


Crochet Boho Purse With Hand Tooled Leather, Handmade
For the Summer we are having an amazing sale of this bag. It is not $75.00 down from $95.00 A great bag and not to be missed.


Crochet Boho Purse Tangerine and Light Yellow
A great bag for Summer and now it’s on Sale!! Don’t miss it!!


Crochet Doily Pink Stardust
A great sale on this lovely doily.
This is a beautiful light pink doily. It will brighten up any area. Great for gift giving or for yourself. A wonderful star design with lace in between. Crocheted doilies are great to add a touch of elegance and for protecting your furniture.

Be sure to check out our other items on sale also :

We’ve also added a lot of new items to MountainAireVintage.  Here is a look at some of the great vintage finds we have to offer.

il_570xN.789978512_kzdn il_570xN.789971628_lx5j il_570xN.786229810_1o2k il_570xN.777530508_h56r il_570xN.774688774_62b8 il_570xN.763193213_wh47 il_570xN.674329754_frph

Now it’s time to give you an update on my friends.

Rico has been enjoying the outside.  He loves to be out guarding the house.  His mom loves him so much.  But poor Rico and his mom got stung by bees.  That is the one thing that isn’t fun about summer.

icm_fullxfull.59149942_74lhja1dokwsk8kg4scs icm_fullxfull.59165861_bgyoqlg88p44kkkogg4g icm_fullxfull.59955268_pcvj81mrc5cwkkcgo4gg

Now my friend Spots is always busy.  Here is the Singapore Cat King being the perfect comedian.

IMG-20150402-WA0000 IMG-20150402-WA0001 IMG-20150402-WA0002

Spots has the greenest eyes of any cat.   He doesn’t like hugs but he does like kisses on his nose.  The old smoothie. LOL  Spots lives with Bobo a magnificent bunny and Wally an African Grey Parrot who can talk.  Can you imagine what it would be like to talk.  Just think what we could tell these crazy humans we live with.  Now I know why we can’t talk.

My other human friends are busy too.  Don’t forget there is an artist behind every piece of handmade goods on Etsy.

This is Lawrence Carter from AcrossLeather


Here are some of his newest items.  These are fantastic.  I should know I wear one of his superb collars and I love mine.  Except I can’t get out of it.  Mom must of had that in mind.  But it is beautiful and Spots also wears one too. 🙂

il_570xN.786305919_l8vq il_170x135.784831690_vkpe il_570xN.789068061_mu58 il_570xN.789947330_4vj3 il_570xN.790751016_cl5l il_570xN.791283198_a7y2 il_570xN.791623896_20ef

Yet Mee Kin, Spots Mom has lots of wonderful things in her shops too.  Be sure to stop by and pay her a visit. SwamiJewelry



Here are some the the lovely items from her shops.  Be sure to stop by and check them all out.

il_170x135.747289462_239s il_570xN.496889242_abgn il_570xN.516660798_jflo il_570xN.527572043_crht il_570xN.645950182_6p2u il_570xN.673935132_qwp5 il_570xN.691037159_t8b1 il_570xN.718755089_stmb

Now Rico’s Mom also has a great Etsy shop with wonderful items just waiting for you to explore.


Her shop is


Here are some of her wonderful creations.

il_570xN.783604715_ogz5 il_570xN.783261752_7stc il_570xN.731571931_sush il_570xN.724593263_uj9w il_570xN.672168887_2obj il_570xN.618525476_jdl8 il_570xN.606806425_3kn5

We had a sad day today.  One of my bunny friends got killed by our neighbor’s cat.  I wasn’t outside to chase the cat away.  The baby bunny’s Mom must of forgot to teach him to stay away from cats.  Because all cats are not like me.  I don’t touch them I protect them because otherwise Daddy gets really mad.  :((

As for myself this is what I have been up to.  Just lazing around the house.  Why is it that humans like our cat feet so much that they take photos of them.  You’d think they were cute or something. 011 (2) 011

045 21316_1640999049448486_6306754954459937924_n

I’m glad I have all of you to share my family and friends with.  I love my job making sure that all things are perfect here at ADKArtsBoutique and MountainAireVintage.  Just imagine what it would be like if I left the humans in control.  I make sure every package is well packed, shipped quickly, and well inspected.  (Except for all the crocheted items Mom won’t let me near them but I do watch her make all of them)  So I know that they are perfect.  What else is a cat to do.

Now that it is hot outside please please remember to never leave your pets in a hot vehicle.  Bring them into the A/C they enjoy it too.  Make sure that they also have lots of water to drink.  They’ll love you for it.

Love and take good care of your furry, fuzzy, hairy, feathered, and scaly friends.  If you are looking for a pet friend help one in need and adopt.

Thank you all for the visit


sey with measuring tape

Look What We Are Working On and The Artists Behind The Art

Seymour Here:

Wow you should see what my Mom (Patti Turon) and Lawrence Carter (AcrossLeather on Etsy) are working on.  It’s almost done but I thought I’d show you some photo of this new handbag in progress.  Hope you like it as much as I do.  It’s a hand bag fit for Cleopatra.  The gold is gorgeous!!

002 003 003 (2) 121 001 (2) 004 (2)

Mom loves to work on these great bags.  The leather for the inside of the bag is soft and smooth.  The hand tooled leather strap with the buckle is easily adjustable.   I can’t wait to show you this item finished.

Speaking of finished items our friend Lawrence Carter has just added a new item to his Etsy shop.  This beautiful hand tooled leather key chain.


This and all of his items (collars, key chains, wallets, belts and more) are made with precision, style, and love.  He is an expert leather artist and loves his craft.

My Dad (Joe Turon) has been busy in his vintage shop (MountainAireVintage) as well.  He has added some great new vintage items.

il_570xN.739883860_oxbw il_570xN.741102544_s21o il_570xN.742662809_i3pd

I’m a cat but my favorite is the sugar bowl.  I like sweet things a sugar coated mouse, snake, toad.  Ooops I have to stop I’m making myself hungry.  Which of course I always am.  🙂

My friends are all doing really well.  Here is my Best Friend Spots from Singapore.  He is a beautiful cat with big green eyes. I miss him sometimes but I always get to check out what he is doing – for his mom share’s his photos on Facebook and Google+

IMG-20141228-WA0001 IMG_20150215_163450 IMG_20150312_102242 IMG_20150312_102929 IMG_20150312_104025

His Mom runs two Etsy shops too.  Here are some of her items.

il_170x135.723864609_c3a0 il_570xN.541474555_4hjj il_570xN.611767752_i5nj il_570xN.682690105_cuc4

My other friend is Rico the Dog.  Yes he is a big dog but he is lots of fun.  He is like us cats and only thinks of food  He is his Mom’s best friend.

icm_fullxfull.55234176_emogljr89rswk0ook8o8 icm_fullxfull.55234194_92wp5eskuzggos8swoo4 icm_fullxfull.55245263_aq2sw2yfseg4gsc0w4w4

His Mom also has a shop and here is some of her great items. (MonicaWilgaDesigns)

il_570xN.632019306_mx2i il_570xN.731571931_sush il_570xN.724730997_9bus il_570xN.679687073_rjvt

We must not forget our great friend Larry. Here are some items in his shop. (AcrossLeather)  He wants to remind everyone that Mother’s Day is right around the corner.   Here are some great gift ideas.

il_570xN.720211944_5fxl il_570xN.644980624_4yox il_570xN.505104816_kxl8 il_570xN.498445307_i2zy il_570xN.447626946_898u

Here are some great gift ideas from my Mom’s shop (ADKArtsBoutique)  Stop by for a visit and a cup of coffee, hot chocolate or tea.

027 copy DSC_0062 047 DSC_0186 DSC_0100 017 005 Mirror Lake  Snowman and  Snow woman copy 047 copy

I think it’s time to see some of the faces behind the art.  So here are some photos of Us and our friends.


Patti Turon (Mom)

extra 1

Joseph Turon (Dad)

aaaa number 1

Katilee Turon (Sister)

ben at dinner

Benjamin Turon (Brother)


Lawrence Carter, Jr. (Best Friend)


Monica Wilga (Best Friend)


Yet Mee Kin (Best Friend and my Auntie)  and

Seymour small image

And of course Me!!  Seymour Montrose Weatherby Mascot, Friend, Collar Model, and all around Great Cat.  I don’t think much of myself do I.  But then I’m a cat I’m supposed to think like that.  I have all these humans to keep in line.  Thank goodness I have Spots and Rico to help me.  Thank you all for stopping by here and meeting us.  If you like to visit any or all of our shops we love visitors.  Just grab a chair, computer, tablet, or phone, and a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and relax and enjoy.

Be sure to take good care of your furry, fuzzy, hairy, feathered, and scaly friends.  If you are looking for a pet friend help one in need and adopt.

Thank you all for the visit


002 (6)

It’s Been A Long Time….

Seymour Here:  It has been a long time since I have had a chance to talk to you all.  But I have been a very busy cat here at ADKArtsBoutique and MountainAireVintage.  So much going on.  Everyone has been running around like buzzing bees.  But it has been so much fun.  The creating of new items, the hunting for vintage items that need an new home, and most of all making new friends and keeping up with the old ones.  Life can sometimes get out of control but remember I think of you all.

First I’d like to tell you about a new friend I have made.  She is a captain on a new team I joined and she is wonderful. Her name is

Reneé Knight from  CustomFantasyPhotos

Here are a few of the wonderful things that she can do for you.  This is a great shop and I’m happy to introduce her to you!!


Now what is new at ADKArtsBoutique .  So much it’s hard for me to find a place to start but I think I’ll start with my sister Katilee.  She is a great artist who does wondrous things with watercolors and digital art. So here are two of her newest.

Wildfire                                                                 Skiing


Wildfire is fantasy digital art painting.             Skiing is a watercolor print but the original is available also

that  was inspired by many nights                   This girl with her super cool ski gear is out for

camping and watching logs burn                     a great trek through the snow!

in the fireplace.

We specialize in custom and one of a kind handbags and Mom has been busy on that end too. Here are some of her latest creations.

blue and blue 035047

With St Patrick’s day coming who wouldn’t like a touch of green

Green Flower BagGreen I pad bag 3

and don’t forget for that special someone or as a unique gift for yourself our luxury handbags and drawstring bags.

DSC_0241 kkkkuuuukkk 011

DSC_0060 014 011

We don’t want to leave out my brother Ben who is our Train Photographer.  This is his newest!!

PS Camping Train 125 Etsy copy

So drop by the shop with a cup of hot chocolate, tea, or coffee and spend a while visiting.  I love visitors.  You’ll be amazed at what you see and all of it is completely handmade by us.

My Dad has been busy with his Etsy shop MountainAireVintage. I try to help him out with the shipping making sure that every item is packaged to get to their new home in great condition. Dad is looking forward to his next hunt ( I know I like to hunt too) but until then this is just a few of the wonderful Items he has.


My friend Spots has been a good boy most of the time.  He still tries to chase Bobo the Bunny.  But his mom keeps a good eye on him.  He also would like to chase Wally the laughing and talking parrot but him mom won’t let him do that either.

IMG-20150108-WA0000 IMG-20141228-WA0001 Photo 1-4-14 5 23 47 PM (HDR) Photo 17-6-13 10 11 16 PM

When not trying to chase Bobo the Magnificent Bunny, Spot’s helps his mom in her two Etsy shops.





We mustn’t forget mom’s great friend and collaborator on the specialty handbags.  Here are some of his amazing items from his Etsy shop.

Lawrence Carter from Across Leather

il_570xN.724318586_f8vf il_570xN.615087967_d2bk il_570xN.583501029_7sen il_170x135.679247713_qkgj il_570xN.418130895_qgfz

It’s been very snowy here and when I go out it’s like walking through snow tunnels.  I went to visit where I hunt for chipmunks in the summer and it was just one gigantic snow mountain.  Where did the bush go???  So I just gave up and came back inside.  Waiting for spring can take so long.  It’s a good thing I know how to pass the time.


So stay safe and warm in the winter weather.  Curl up like me it makes it easier to enjoy.  Remember to take care of your furry friends we may have fur coats but it won’t protect us from the cold.  If you are in need of a friend please adopt there are so many like me who need a good home.  Hug all your furry, scaly, and feathered friends.  Seymour.

2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 740 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 12 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

ADKArtsBoutique’s catalog of Great Gift Ideas

Seymour here:

I just had to jump in here to let you in on our new catalog of gift ideas.  This is like being a child in the old days and waiting for the catalog stores to ship out their Christmas Catalog.  Just think of all the great gifts you can find here.  So please set back and take a few minutes to browse our catalog.  Stop by our shop and browse even more wonderful items.


Also MountainAireVintage has their new catalog.  So be sure to stop by and pay them a visit also.


Thanks for visiting with me for a few minutes.  My friends Spots, Bobo, and Wally are doing great in Singapore.  And my pet companion I live with Ursa the Goldfish is doing really great.  I plan on making an Olympic Swimmer out of her.  — Seymour

002 (2)etsy two poster

Happy Thanksgiving Too You and Seymour’s Insights.

Seymour Here:  Hi everyone.  Thanksgiving is almost here.  Mom has been baking up a storm.  They will share their turkey with me but I won’t eat it.  I only really like fish, whitefish and salmon are my favorites.  My best friend is also a fish her name is Ursa and she is a goldfish.  I’m sure you all know how I love to drink her water.  Goldfish though are not for eating. 🙂  I never eat my friends.

First let me tell you what we have been doing at ADKArtsBoutique    Mom and her friend Lawrence Carter Jr. from AcrossLeather  have made their second bag.  It is positively gorgeous and unique.  Hand tooled leather flowers on the bottom and a crocheted drawstring closure.  They work hard to be precise and give lots of attention to detail  This and all their bags are handmade with love.  So here it is:


Here are some other bags that we have here at ADKArtsBoutique

Untitled-1DSC_0060014145 copy027 copy002

These would all make great Christmas gifts.  Speaking of Christmas if you are decorating maybe, some handmade ornaments would be great.  How about some crocheted snowflakes.


Don’t forget the Christmas and Thank You Note Cards.


Christmastime makes me think about my friends and my best friend is Spots.  He lives in Singapore.  He was so lucky he got to chase and catch a lizard the other day.  I have to just chase plain old mice.   Spot”s has been diagnosed with Cat HIV but his mom takes such good care of him you wouldn’t know it.  🙂   This is Spots the very pretty kitty with bright big eyes.


His bother Wally is starting to grow big and now can talk and say Spots name.   I’d really like to hear that.  A bird talking to me would be very funny.  😉  He is sitting on his human sister’s shoulder helping her.  See he really is a very smart bird. 🙂


Their mom is also introducing bags into her shop RainbowKnit   Here are a few of her items.  Her hand knit sweaters are amazing too. If you’d like to order something from her for Christmas you have to do it soon because she and Spots live in Singapore and that is a long ways away.


My Uncle Larry’s shop has lots of new items too.  He’s not really my uncle but since he made my collar I call him that.

He makes the best hand tooled collars, wallets, belts and a lot more.

His shop AcrossLeather  is in Delaware and he is always designing new items and he takes custom orders.


My Dad’s shop MountainAireVintage   has a lot of great Christmas gift ideas and he is always adding new things.  Here are some of his great items.  I know they would make perfect presents to be found under the Christmas tree.  Usually you find me under the Christmas tree. That is where I love to take a nap.


My Mom has a friend that she would like me to share with you.  Her name is Monica and her shop is called MonicaWilgaDesigns     I think that her great items would also make wonderful Christmas presents.


As for me I have been hibernating in the house from the weather.  I don’t like cold much and I hate snow.  It’s cold and It’s very very wet.  Who likes water especially when they are a cat.  Not ME!!!!  It’s snowing as I type this.  We could get a foot or more.  My Mom and Dad went out just to walk in it and watch it fall.  They are crazy aren’t they.  Here is what they saw.


Yeah all those white spots are snow.  I’m glad I’m inside.  The best thing to do on nights like this is to find someone to cuddle with and get some rest.  So that is just what I’m going to do.  Find my favorite bear and get some sleep.  So everyone have the Happiest Thanksgiving.  When giving thanks think of your pet friends and how they have made your life better.  Please do not give pets for Christmas unless absolutely sure that the receiver can care for it and really wants a new friend.  Too many of us get  mistreated or sent to shelters because we were not the best gift idea.  Take care of all your furry, fuzzy, scaly, hairy, feathered friends and they will love you back.  —-  Seymour


Collaboration and News From My Friends

Seymour Here:

There has been a lot going on here at ADKArtsBoutique and that is why you haven’t heard from me.  Haven’t been near the computer because Mom is always on it.  She has been collaborating with Expert Leather Artist Lawrence Carter from AcrossLeather  on a new line of handbags, purses, and more.  The first in this line is done.  The inside of this beautiful handbag is leather, the strap is hand tooled leather, and the outside is crocheted.  Here I’ll let the bag speak for itself.





This is available at ADKArtsBoutique

This bag can be a shoulder bag or cross body bag. It is large enough to carry all those must have things that we woman must carry and yet, it isn’t bulky.  The strap is also adjustable.  What a great bag to own or give as a gift.  It’s a Wow!!

Now it that isn’t enough for Mom she is also offering custom made ponchos.  All you have to do is decide the color.

This poncho is warm, cozy, and great for various outings.  But especially great for those cold football stadiums and that tailgate party.  It will keep you comfy.  It even has a hood to keep your head warm.



Take a giant step back into time. This retro styled poncho will bring you back to the sixties and seventies. Perfect for the football stadium, camping, boating, or just out about town on those cool spring or fall days.  A full choice of colors are available and completely up to you. 🙂

Now I have to let you know about my Mom’s biggest honor.  We was selected and put in an Artist Exposed Treasury

Untitled il_570xN.669441252_pe96

Does the bag she is working on look familiar?  Mom was so delighted and happy to join the artist’s featured here and would like to thank Vicki Diane for including her.  Vicki has a Etsy shop full of beautiful and fashionable jewelry items  Click here to check it out.

My Dad’s shop MountainAireVintage is doing really well.  Dad really enjoys the hunt for unique, fun, and practical vintage items for his shop.  He loves to see them get a new start in life and a new home.  He would like me to introduce you to Ellsmith.  That’s just what Dad calls her.  She is a vintage Mop Doll and she really needs a new home.  She is a truly lovely doll. She has been loved for years and stored away and now awaits for a new home. She is handmade with a porcelain hand painted head. Her large beautiful eyes will just pull you into her world.


My friends all have been living busy lives.  So I’ll try to catch you up.


Spots has been a good kitty.  Helping his Mom in her two Etsy Shops

RainbowKnit and Swami Jewelry

il_570xN.513602894_blut il_570xN.663581394_baqf

Here is Spots and you can see how happy and healthy he is.

IMG-20140928-WA0005 IMG_20141005_191016_HDR IMG_20141005_191238 IMG_20141022_171053

Doesn’t he have the prettiest green eyes. 🙂  Spots is my best friend and lives in Singapore.  What a lucky boy it doesn’t get cold where he lives.  Winter is coming to New York where I do live and I don’t like going out when it’s cold.

This is Bobo The Magnificent Bunny with the perfect fringe.  She is the most beautiful of bunnies.  She lives in Singapore with Spots.


And we must not forget Wally.  He is Bobo and Spots new brother.  He is an African Grey Parrot.  The big news with Wally is he is learning to talk.  Learning to say Hello.  As for me I think a Meow works just fine. 🙂

icm_fullxfull.47260112_km3gngfbk5cwwk44w4gg icm_fullxfull.46046058_3ip6gr526xmo4wk0kg48 icm_fullxfull.45443902_bpwt43jxcnwws0kw0k8g icm_fullxfull.45443894_lpadzj0yff48so00ggs8

Isn’t Wally just he cutest bird in the world. 🙂

I have some new friends.  My Mom has a friend named Marirose.  She is a great lady and I am friends with her babies.

First there is.

Lacy The Labordoodle  What cute doggie.  Looks like he she loves to play.

icm_fullxfull.45482627_twfiiy42qo00ww400gc4 icm_75x75.45468148_dm00hfoalg08wks00oo8

This is Lacys playmate Rocko.   I love Rocko because he looks like ME.  LOL  🙂


Rocko got his name spelled this way because ever since he was a kitten when he sits in your lap, and you pet him he rocks back and forth.  Rocko has no idea he is a cat. He hangs out with Lacy all the time instead of the other cats. He greets people at the door with Lacy. Lacy just loves him, and the feeling is mutual! They both love to sit and look out of the big windows and patio doors together and watch all the many birds, squirrels, deer, and chipmunks that are always in the yard.

This is Mittens.  He lives with Lacy and Rocko.  He is an older man and needs to rest.  But he is still adorable.


And this is their friend and boarder Hester.  Hester is living with them till his new home is built.


Their Mom has an Etsy shop and it’s called EraAntiquesandFinds

Here are some great items from her shop:

il_570xN.660232530_1uqw il_570xN.665192426_qie4

Now for my other new friend Burkey.  Isn’t that a great name for a cat 🙂   As you can see when he is not playing he knows how to keep his grandpa company 🙂  He is a great kitty.

icm_fullxfull.45607421_kqodpk1s6k0ooskc0ckc icm_fullxfull.45607401_qzz6pjrpbms0ggws4k00 icm_fullxfull.46785921_k5oefsjl4jkws0wow8s8

Burkey’s Mom’s name is Barb and she is a wonderful lady.  She has an Etsy shop too.  (Don’t all mom’s who have cats, we have to do the work while they drink coffee, but you didn’t hear that from me.)  Anyways her shop is called MotherNaturesStash  Here are some great items from the lovely shop.

il_570xN.628826335_7mj5 il_170x135.608465412_gyt0

So as you see I have been busy making friends and helping in the shops.  It takes a lot more work now that there are 2 Etsy shops but with me to help them my family has is well in control.  My sister has also been working on some digital art in our shop.  Here is some for Halloween which is just around the corner.

il_570xN.659138930_bn4j il_570xN.661323505_65yc il_570xN.664931986_wkil

Mom is working on the next bag from AcrossLeather and our shop.  This one will be completely different than the first one. I’ll show it to you as soon as it’s done.  Or if I can sneak a photo of it with out them knowing I’ll give you a “sneak peek”.

Speaking of AcrossLeather  stop by Lawrence’s shop and see what other wonderful leather items he has.  Just think what great gifts these will make at Christmas.  He also does custom orders and is a great guy to work with.  I know he made Spots and my collars 🙂

il_570xN.385404931_a1ee il_570xN.498445307_i2zy il_570xN.587916935_9yzi il_570xN.440797223_jug5

So now I have you all caught up with my friends and busy family.  This is what I have been up to.001 (2) 003 (3) 003 007 010 (2) 011 021 056 073 004

As you can see I have been very busy.  Especially getting ready for Halloween.  Someone has to sleep on the Halloween rug.

So until next time take care of all your furry, fuzzy, scaly, and feathered friends.  They depend upon you.  And if you decide to get a special friend be sure to adopt and save a life. 🙂  Seymour 🙂


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