A little about ME by Seymour – Mascot of ADKArtsBoutique on Etsy

ADkArtsBoutique at Etsy.com

Hi again,  Yes it’s me Seymour.  I just thought that I would tell you a little about myself.  As you can see I’m a cat.  One important thing to remember though is a cat is not a dog.  So I am a CAT.

I work with my family at ADKArtsBoutique on Etsy.  I spend most of my time on the face book page. I have various jobs to do as you will see in the coming days.

First about my family.  Patti (she owns the shop) and from now on I’ll call her mom.  That is what she is to me.  She does all the curating and crafting. She even does some artwork.  She keeps us all in line. Joe he is our head of shipping.  ( At least he thinks so. Nothing leaves our shop without my approval)  I will from now on call him Dad.  He is our…

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