Seymour here:  My friend Spots is feeling better now.  In case you missed the reply his human mom sent to our last blog here it is.

Yet Mee Kin says:

Hi handsome, this is your Singapore brother, Spots. I’m feeling better now, can run and eat like normal, but don’t know when the next attack will be. Just have to depend on my human mom to take good care of me. Would love to play with you someday but this virus in me can pass from cat to cat so its better that we don’t play together, sob, so sad. But my human mom showed me your photos here and I really like you a lot. Maybe we can play in our next lives? :)

That big smile at the end means that she is extremely happy (Over the Moon Happy) that Spots is feeling so much better.  I myself and more than over the moon happy and I know my human mom Patti is too.  This is the best news that I could have here for Christmas.  Please protect you cats as much as possible.  It is so sad to see a pet friend so sick. He lives in a loving and caring home with 2 other pet friends.  A rabbit named Bobo and a parrot named Happy.  They are slowly learning to get along.  I too have another animal friend.  A goldfish named Ursa.  I share her food (I love goldfish flakes) and drink her water.  She doesn’t mind but when she gets tired of me hovering over her fish tank she throws water at me with her tail.  I would never hurt her because we grew up together and she is the best friend to share her food and environment with me.

Spots was adopted off the streets of Singapore by Mee Kin and her family.  He was sick when she found him and took him to the vets.  That cost a lot of money and time but she didn’t care her first thought was to save a life.  He got well and moved in to her beautiful home.  There he had a little trouble getting used to a rabbit and a parrot.  My mom calls him Terror Spots because he liked to pick on them.  But now he was learning to be good with these new friends when he got sick again.  His mom took him back to the Vets and that’s when they found out that he had HIV.

Well, His mom wasn’t going not take care of him.  She had him stay at the Vets until his temperature was normal and they said he could come home.  She is determined to help him in any way and to give him a long and happy cat life as he can have.  My mom and I are so proud of her love and commitment.  She is a one of a kind lady.  We should all applaud her and do the same.  This world could be a wonderful loving place if everyone followed Mee Kin’s lead.

So now I hope that Spots stays well and live as long as possible.  I let you know how he’s doing right here in between my work as mascot.  I am sorry for the promotions that I do add to my blog but that is my job.  On my post where I’ll let you know how Spots is doing I’ll not post any promotional ads or links.  They will be just dedicated to Spots.  So check back now and then to see how my friend is doing.  I’ll also be sharing this with facebook, twitter, and google+  As you see I’m a very social media oriented cat.

Hope this finds you and your cat friends all happy and healthy!! ~~~~~Seymour.


This is Spots just taking a nap.  Which is very good for him.  Me too come to think about it.

All this writing has made me tired so until next time take care.




  1. Thank you Seymour for posting my photo here. Do you recognize that beautiful cat mat I was napping on? It was hand crocheted by your human mom Patti. She has such great crochet skill. Wish my human mom can too but she can only knit. I’m hungry again, will go bug my human mom for food. Chat next time. 😀


    • Your Welcome Spots. Your Mom’s kindness needs to be known. Sadly not too many people are as kind and wonderful as she. Yes I recognize the mat. I have mine too. Mine is brown and tan and It’s the first one mom (Patti) made for me. She is so glad that you like it. Keep up the good spirits and yes the idea of food sounds great. Where’s MOM. ~~~ Seymour 😀


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