Spots is feeling good and playing

Seymour Here:  My friend Spots who lives in Singapore is doing so much better thanks to his mom. He is up and playing.  Picking on the parrot a bit but getting along with the rabbit a lot better.  So its good to know that he is doing so well.   So I just thought I’d share some photographs with you.   Cat HIV is very bad but it’s great to see that with love and understanding that there can be still a good quality of life.  Image

Here is Spots  just resting and waiting for his dinner.  Or maybe something to get into.


This is Spots and his rabbit buddy Bobo.  They are learning to get along quite well.


And here is me just keeping the printer warm.  It’s just one of my many jobs as a Mascot


4 thoughts on “Spots is feeling good and playing

  1. Hi Seymour USA Brother,
    Thank you for posting my photos here. I look good, don’t I. Yes, I’m feeling perfectly fine. Just overheard my Mom scolding my sister ZY for agreeing with her school, where she studies vet technologies, to let them do tests on me because they want to learn about Feline Aids. Sigh, more blood tests and needles. Hope this is the last time. My Mom told ZY that she treats me like her children and she will never agree to let her children to be tested like guinea pigs. The test will be next week. Pray for me that it won’t be too painful. :((

    With love,


    • Hi Spot my little Singapore Brother
      I’m so sorry about the tests. But maybe it will help other cats with HIV so it’s not in vain. I know you hate needles and being poked. I just hate going to the Vet for a regular visit. So my mom and I are praying for it not to be too painful for you. We send you our love and hugs.



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