Meet Some of my Friends

Seymour here:  I’ve been very busy at The Boutique.  (  These humans need all the help they can get.  Especially with computers.  Here am I helping Mom make those big decisions


So now that I have some time I thought I talk to you about my friends.  My Cat friend Spots helps his Mom too.  She owns SwamiJewelry ( He does accounting for her.  Here he is hard at work.


My Mom and His Mom call him Terror Spots.  He has Cat HIV but is doing really well.  He lives a long way away.  His home is in Singapore.  This is a photo of him just after coming home from the Vets.


Doesn’t look to happy does he.  But he perks right up and plays with Bobo’  Who is Bobo?

That is our rabbit friend.  He is so hairy it’s hard to tell he’s under it all.


My Mom calls him Bobo the Magnificent because as she says ” you have to be magnificent with all that hair” .   Spot loves to terrorize him.  Here they are together.


Aren’t they a funny pair.  I don’t have a rabbit friend.  My best friend here has scales

Her name is Ursa.  At least she might be a her or a him.  It’s impossible to tell.

This is Ursa


I love to drink her water and share her fish flakes.  They are my favorite treat.

I would never hurt her because as I said she is my best friend.   Here is a photo of us together.

I’m the big dark object behind the tank.


I hope you liked meeting my friends.  I’m am always happy to let you know how Spots is doing. Cat HIV is very serious and his life will be shortened greatly by it.  That is the sad part.  But with the love he gets from his mom he will have a very happy life.  So if you are ever thinking of getting a pet. Be it cat or dog, how about rescuing one.  Save a life and the life will love you back in more ways than you could imagine. –Seymour Montrose Weatherby



4 thoughts on “Meet Some of my Friends

  1. Hi, Spots here, Thank you Seymour and Old Dog for your concern over my illness. I’m perfectly fine now. Mom fed me medicine after the Vet visit and I hated it. Taste horrible. I looked outside the door hoping to escape because I really don’t like the stress of going to Vets anymore. Mom comforted me, pet me and fed me nice food. So in the end I changed my mind. I wanted to stay, I will die sooner if I go out there and fight with other strays for food and territories. Mom’s home still the best place for me. 🙂 Hope I stay strong and healthy so that I don’t have to go back for check ups.


    • Seymour here. Spots you do just what your Mom tells you to do. She takes great care of you and loves you. What more could you want. I hate to say this but most humans wouldn’t even keep you with your HIV. So you are so very lucky!!! I say love her back with all your little cat heart. Remember there is no place like home. You made a good decision staying and getting lots of love and food. Remember we all care about you and want you to be healthy and live a nice long cat life.
      Hugs to you!!!!


  2. Dear Seymour, I’m pleased to see you share your computing skills, my mom could use your help from time to time !!! love your who’s who of the The Boutique, it’s great to put a face to the name, spots is looking well, please post updates on his health as this generates awareness… always a good thing, say “Hello” to Bobo to Ursa I’m just off to patrol the village I’ll take mom as she needs the fresh air. Regards Old Dog


    • Dear Old Dog. I won’t go out unless put out. There is a lot of snow here and it’s cold so I’m staying by my warm sunny window. I will send my regards to Spots, Bobo, and Ursa. I will definitely be putting updates on Spots health. He is such a lovely kitty and one of my biggest hopes is that humans don’t just toss a side a life because of CAT HIV. He is happy, loved, and well cared for and he returns that love doubly. He has bad days where all he wants to do is sleep but then he has great days when he becomes Spots the Terror. Thank you for your interest. It is very kind of you.


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