Look What I Got And It’s Not Even My Birthday!

Seymour here.  WOW!! I got the surprise of my life.  A package came in the mail and it was for me. I got a brand new beautifully hand tooled collar from AcrossLeather on Etsy.  (https://www.etsy.com/shop/AcrossLeather)  This collar is wonderful.  I just have to give up my life as an escape artist.  Mom finally got me a collar that I can’t get out of.  But since she had to do it I will admit she got me a beauty.  Check this out.

This is the beautiful hand tooled back


This is how it fits neatly under my chin


And it is so comfy I have no problem taking my cat nap


So what a great surprise this was for me!!! I love it and wonder what will be next.

You do know I’m spoiled rotten.  Just don’t tell Mom that!!  I’m a most fashionable cat now and very lucky too.  Cat’s can’t have tattoo’s so this is next best thing.  So if you want to make you cat or yourself as fashion oriented as me just check out all the great leather items at AcrossLeather. They make wonderful Collars, Wallets, Belts and much more. Just click on this link and you’ll arrive there quickly and safely.  https://www.etsy.com/shop/AcrossLeather

Just a quick update on my friend Spots.  He is running around his home at full speed and terrorizing Bobo the Rabbit.  Driving his poor Mom crazy.  But that’s good because by doing that we know he’s feeling good.

Have a great week everyone.  Be good to your pet friends and they will love you back.  Remember adopt a pet, save a life.  — Seymour



7 thoughts on “Look What I Got And It’s Not Even My Birthday!

  1. Seymour Here. Thank you Larry for letting me know how to keep it looking perfect. I really do love it. I don’t even try to take it off. It’s just to beautiful. Every cat should have a collar made by you.


  2. Seymour,
    Psst! Are you busy? Is Mom around? No okay! I’m Larry over at the leather shop acrossleather.com. I just wanted to stop in and see if everything’s okay with your new jewelry… Everything’s cool? Yeah. Okay! You look like a Rock star Seymour!


    • Seymour here: Thank you Larry for making this beautiful collar. You are a true artist and now I’m a rock star!! Wow!! This is the coolest collar a cat could have. Just wanted to let you know I love it.


      • Seymour! Hey there Rocker! You know a hat like Marlon Brando had in one of his famous movies we, humans could refer to you as “The Cats Meow” not that your not already. I’ll see you on stage Wildcat!


      • Hey Seymour! Oh your very welcome. If you should soil your necklace/collar briskly with warm mild soapy water light scrub or wipe with soft cotton tee shirt or likeness and blot dry.


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