Looking for Spring!!!

Seymour here:  My last post I told you what was new in our shop.  Now I’d like to tell you about my friends.  Here is my best friend Spots.  He loves to drive his human mother crazy by picking on his friends Bobo and Happy.  He loves to chase Bobo ( Rabbit) and stick his paws in Happy’s cage (parrot).  I’m not much better I love to tap on Ursa’s (goldfish) tank just to make her swim. LOL


Bobo The Magnificent Rabbit has had a hair cut.  Now he doesn’t look like a tribble.  More like a stock broker.  Such a good rabbit to put up with Spots antics.


I don’t happen to have any photos of Happy.  I’ll have to ask his mom for some.

Ursa is a great friend.  She puts up with me.  Image

Now me.  I’ve been just looking out the window watching for spring to come.  I think I have a long wait.  It’s very cold out and supposed to snow on and off all the rest of the week and into next week.  I dream of last year when I was out side on my rope playing.


Or camping with my family


But it looks like this outside right now.


So I guess I’ll have to be patient and wait for Spring and this is the best way I know how.

Have a great last day of February and Happy March tomorrow-  Seymour



2 thoughts on “Looking for Spring!!!

  1. Seymour Here. If you are a friend of Old Dog then you are definitely a friend of mine. I’m told all the time to leave things alone outside but I just can’t. My best friend is the fish Ursa. When I’m bored I hit the side of her tank with m paw to make her swim. She like to sleep under her plant. I like to watch her swim but I would never hurt her. So now I am very happy I have a new friend called Little L. Thank you for writing me and visiting my blog. Oh my mom got some photos of Spots other friend Happy the Parrot. I’ll be posting them soon. 😀


  2. Hello Seymour, I’ve never met a rabbit or a fish, I have just started to go outside I think I scared New Mum when I climbed on the fence & then couldn’t get down so had to be rescued. Old Dog is my friend, and I have met the new Mr & Mrs Jackdaw that have moved into our chimney, I have been told to look & not touch as Mr Jackdaw will be cross with me and might eat my food so I’m going to behave, will you be my friend ?
    Lots of love
    Little L


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