Guess What???

Seymour here.  Just thought I’d check in and let you know whats new here at ADKArtsBoutique ( We’ve bought a new photo printer so our prints are even more spectacular.  We believe in giving our customers the very best quality prints and images.  So a beautiful image like this will be stunning.


Have a great last day of February- Seymour


2 thoughts on “Guess What???

  1. Seymour here. This is Lake George NY. A little north of where I live. My Mom and Dad love to go hiking here. I’m sure that they’d rather take you along with them instead of me. I don’t hike. I like to go camping but no hiking. Sandwiches are a must. Have your Master’s wife make your favorites 😀


  2. This looks like the best place ever for Masters Wife to take me for a long walk, we may need sandwiches as I’d make sure we would be out all day
    Old Dog


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