Meet Happy Bird

Seymour here:  Just wanted to let you know that Spots mom sent me some photos of his bird friend Happy.  Happy is a beautiful parrot.  Even more beautiful because of her lovely color.  Come to think of it it’s the same color as me. There is something wonderful about silver blue grey. 😀



Isn’t he the most beautiful parrot and he talks too. Spots likes to pick on him so his mom is trying to teach him to say “go away Spots”.   That should make Spots nervous it would scare me, a bird saying my name.  Could you imagine outside chasing a big bird and him turning around  and telling me “Seymour go away”  I’d faint.   Spots is doing well.  Has to be careful of what he eats.  If he eats the wrong things it makes him sick.  No one likes to be sick so his mom makes sure he gets just what he is supposed to.  For a cat with HIV he is doing so well.  His mom is my hero for taking such good care of him.  She is the most lovely dear lady on this earth. She has a beautiful name Mee  Kin.

I am lucky to have such wonderful friends. I myself am still waiting for spring.  Still cold and snowy here.  I just saw a big hawk outside my window chasing a rabbit.  The rabbit got away!!  But the hawk sat in the tree where I could watch him for quite a while.  That was so much fun. 

So I guess I’ll go back waiting for spring.  Please adopt, love, and take care of your furry friends.






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