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Seymour Here:   Hi everyone!!  What is new at the boutique?  Glad you asked.  My mom has been very busy with her fingers flying so fast you can hardly see her crochet hook.  But the out come is marvelous.  She started by adding some new bags to our bags, purses, pouches, and clutch line. So here they are.

First we have is a beautiful Yellow and White one. It’s sleek, stylish, elegant, and dressy. But it’s also versatile enough to go with a pair of jeans.


Next we have a White, Black, and Red Clutch. This beautiful multi-colored clutch is a perfect size and a perfect look.


Then we have a new Cell Phone Pouch. This delightful small dark grey pouch will hold a small Cell Phone. It is also great as a small bag to hold various items.


Now for something a little different.  She decided it was time to make a new doily design. This is a beautiful white doily (mat). It has a center flower design surrounded by pineapples. The bright white color brings a touch of light to any room decor. It is beautiful and functional at the same time. Doilies are great for protecting your furniture while adding elegance.


These are all available at ADKArtsBoutiqe on Etsy. com

She also joined a new team on Etsy.  It is called TeamVintage USA.  She made them a Banner and it was excepted.  She was very honored and delighted to have it featured.  This is it.


She was also asked to be a leader of the team which is another great honor for her.  She is extremely happy and delighted to help the team.

Now for me.  Besides typing this all up which unless you have cat paws you can’t understand how hard it is, I have been busy making sure that shipping is going out on time and packaged well.  I believe in Customer Service.  Then I decided that since winter has not left, actually we just got freezing rain, sleet, and snow that I needed a new place to sleep.  So mom brought in this big new box to store some of her supplies in.  But before she could use it I decided it would make a great place to hide and sleep.  So I pulled two of my small cat blankets into it and that’s where she found me.  Waiting for spring to come and now I get to keep the box.   There in not much else to do after I get my Bouitque work done.  I mean even the mice are hibernating.  My friends Spots, Bobo, and Happy are doing well. Their mom is taking good care of them.

I did get to have some fun.  I went to a Birthday party for my brother Ben.  Here I am officiating! I’m sitting next to dad guarding the ice cream  🙂


Thank you for spending some time with me.  Just waiting for spring as I mentioned before. Hope you all have a great day and remember to adopt, love, and take good care of your furry, feathered, or scaly animal friends.  They love you unconditionally.  😀




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