New Friends

Seymour here:  I’ve made some new friends and I’d really like you to meet them.  Also catch you up on some of my other friends.  I am very lucky.   First I’d like you to meet Kitty Isn’t she beautiful??  I know she is because she looks a lot like me.  😀


Kitty lives with my mom’s friend Averil.  Kitty was a kitten that Averil got at Petsmart. She was one of the strays that they are trying to find homes for. Somebody found her on a roof.  She’s about 11 now.  Kitty has never been a fat cat. She got along so well with the other cat and the dog she shared her home with.  But sadly the cat and the dog pasted on to animal heaven.  Kitty was very lonely so her mom decided to get her a friend to share her home with. The new cat would be company for her, but she has never really accepted Lucy. Maybe because she is older now and can’t be bothered to play. She just tolerates Lucy. She’s a very nervous cat and runs away if anybody comes to the house. But she has to sleep on top of Averil at night and waits for her to go to bed. Now Lucy comes in the middle of the night and has to wash Averil’s face and hair. Averil is not lonely especially at night.  This is Lucy and I think she is a very pretty kitty.

Averil, Kitty and Lucy’s Mom has an shop called JoolsbyAveril  and she makes wonderful jewelry and does artwork.   Here is a sample of her wonderful items.



Now I’d like you to meet Layla.  She is a type of cat called a Savannah Cat  She needs to have a vacation and is hoping she could come to and visit me for awhile. Her parents are upset with her as she tore up a new leather couch and scratched the top of a table as she was slipping and sliding on it because it had just been waxed. Her parents love her very much but I think she just needs to get away for awhile where she can relax. They have had so much company that they are driving her crazy. She says she will bring her own catnip and will share with me and anyone else that is here.  We could have a cat party.  Layla saw a picture of Skylar and me and I think she thinks we are real hunks.  She needs that vacation soon because she is on the Lam and hiding under the table. She is afraid she may only have 8 lives left by the time she gets there.  This is Layla


She is friends with Skylar and Yoya from YoyaOriginals  (  on  Yoya is Skylar’s Mom.  She did a art painting of Skylar and here it is.Image

Isn’t that great!!!! I love it!!!

Now for my Friends In Singapore.  Spots is up to his usual tricks of picking on Bobo The Magnificent Rabbit and Happy Bird.

He loves to chase Bobo through the house and make Happy Talk.  Spots is doing so well because his mom takes such good care of him. It’s hard to believe he has cat HIV.  Here is Spots with the beautiful green eyes.Image

Here is Bobo The Magnificent Rabbit that puts up with being chased by Spots.


The is of course Happy Bird.  He is so beautiful.  He also looks like me. 😀


Spots, Bobo, and Happy’s mom makes the most beautiful jewelry.  Great for weddings. special occasions, or just anytime.

Her shop is called SwamiJewelry on  (  Here is an example.


Now for me I’ve had a busy week.  My Mom’s fingers have been busy making bags of all kinds for our shop ADKArtsBoutique on Etsy (  I had to help Dad pack and ship some out.  Nothing leaves the shop without my inspection to make sure that they are perfect.  Here is what she has been up to.






Like I said she has been very busy.  This is what her desk looks like.  It’s a mess but that’s good.  If not then she wouldn’t be busy. Image

The printer is covered because that is where I sit.  I’m not allowed to be on her crocheting.  I do walk on and sleep on the keyboard though.  It’s the most fun when she is typing. 😀   I have been spending my free time playing with Ursa my best friend.  She is the most beautiful gold.



So when I’m not playing with Ursa or working at The Boutique I am doing what I do best.  ImageImage

Have a great time until I get the chance to talk to you all again.  I’m looking forward to it.  Please remember to adopt, love, and care for all your furry, feathered, and scaly friends.  They do love you unconditionally.  That is true love. 😀

Take Care  Seymour

PS If you noticed my beautiful collar.  It was custom made for me by Lawrence Carter of AcrossLeather on Etsy (  He does great leather work.  Don’t you just love the hand tooling on my collar. 😀   Thank you Larry.



5 thoughts on “New Friends

  1. Seymour! You handsome hunk of burning love you! Psst come here hey, how’s Mommy’s fingers? Thanks for introducing all your pals Sey. Your Mom’s getting really good at this blogging thing wouldn’t you say. The blog’s looking pretty sporty. Look tell Mom to add a contact form at the end of post’s. It gives non blog members/owners the opportunity to comment, ask for a special item made or just slip you notes from your crew up there in NY. Looking like a Cat’s meow Seymour with that stylish collar buddy! I’ll talk with you soon Seymour.


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