My Friends and Famly

Seymour Here.   Hi, just been busy posting Mom’s and Kati’s new items on facebook.  So I thought I’d show them to you.  I think they are really cool.  My animal friends are here too.  We’ll check in on them.  But first my sister Kati has digitally painted a lovely Mermaid.  Are they real??  Who Knows!!  But this one is lovely.  Image

The mermaid by Katilee Turon

As I mentioned Mom has been really busy too.  Here are two of her new bags she just added to The Boutique


This first one is a beautiful light blue and is made from Worsted Weight Yarn.  Great for a day out or even a evening out on the town.


The next one is a lovely tangerine and light yellow.  Made from tangerine #3 crochet cotton and light yellow fingering yarn.

We call it a purse with attitude.


The bunny isn’t included with the bag even though it’s not as lovely as Bobo.  Speaking of Bobo and my friends they have been up to their usual tricks.  Bobo is chased by Spots.


Isn’t Bobo the most beautiful of Bunny’s.  I think he’s the Easter Bunny and I am going to find out for sure.  One of these days soon I’ll know.  Spots is so busy and such a terror that his Mom has to put Happy and Bobo in separate areas when she leaves.  That means that Spots gets the whole house to himself.  If not he’d be looking like this and there might not be a Bobo or Happy around.  He can be such a bad boy.  But who am I to talk I have killed a wild rabbit outside, not to mention the snakes, chipmunks, crows, etc.


I have a mat just like the black and white one Spots is laying on.  Mine is Brown and Ecru (light tan).  We love to nap on them when we are not tearing through the house.  If you would like one just contact my Mom at the Boutique on Etsy and she’ll make one for you.Image

Speaking of having fun Happy really knows how to do it.  He plays with his Mom.  He throws his toys out of the cage and she has to pick them up.  Now that is fun making our humans get exercise.  It’s up to us to keep them slim and trim.  Image

Sometimes though Happy doesn’t want to have his toys put back and he gets upset.  When he gets mad he does bite a bit.

But his Mom knows The Look.  The one he gives when he just doesn’t want to be bothered.  This is it!



If he looked at me like this I wouldn’t bother him either. LOL  But he is a pretty bird because he is the same color as me.

I haven’t heard from my other friends.  They must be busy helping their Moms.  I’ll let you know what is up with them as soon as they write me.  It is hard to type with cat paws and claws.

I mentioned that my Mom joined a new team on Etsy, TeamVintageUSA.  Here is a link if you want to check out the team.

Well, I just found out what vintage sellers go through sometimes.  It can be quite funny.  My Mom’s friend Whimsey told us this story of her last vacation.  I hope you find it as enjoyable as we did,  It all starts with this beautiful Lucite Purse.


Whimsey says :   I got this beautiful Lucite Purse on our latest vacation in Savannah. I have seen many of them, but most always they have damage – typically ones I find have chips or cracks – which pretty much render them worthless! They are fragile!
This one is in beautiful condition and I couldn’t resist buying it! I found it the first day of your trip…and spent the next 5 days protecting it with my life!! (My husband is like a bull in a china cabinet!!)  As I made that purchase, he made a purchase of 2 glass finials the size of golf balls weighing a pound each. When we got back to our car, I gently put the purse on the floor, and starting wrapping clothes around it to protect it…he reached over and was about to throw the 2 glass finials inside it!! Did you hear me scream “NOOoooooooooo” from up there??!! That night, I insisted on bringing the purse inside with us rather than leaving it in the car – because it isn’t supposed to get cold! The next day we drove on to Florida, and that night I had to bring it inside because it was going to be hot!  He wondered if we were going to have to sleep with it!! And so it went each leg of our journey until we finally arrived home. By the end of trip, he was referring to it as my child!!’ So you see if you think it’s easy to be a vintage seller it really is not.  Image having to protect that on a vacation when you are supposed to be having fun.  Life isn’t easy for anyone is it.  Whimsey’s shop on Etsy is called WhimiscalEverAfter.  She has lots of great items so be sure to check it out.

That is the news here.  Still pretty cold and the rain we had recently melted most of the snow away.  We still have huge snowbanks,  It is also too cold for me to want to go out and play.  So I just going to do what I do best.  Spots and I will show you



That’s Spots and this is me.



So until next time please adopt, love and protect your furry, feathered, and scaly friends because they love you unconditionally!!


PS  This is my wonderful hand tooled leather collar made for me by Lawrence Carter from Across leather on Etsy.



4 thoughts on “My Friends and Famly

    • Thank you Lucy and Kitty. I’ve had bunny and bird. Crow not a parrot. I just think that Happy the Bird is too beautiful to eat and as for Bobo the Rabbit, Since she and Happy are my friends I would not bother them. It would make Auntie Mee Kin mad at me. And there are enough wild things for me to chase this summer.


  1. Hi Seymour, Spots here. Love your new update. Mermaids are so beautiful, I wonder if they are tasty…. The bags are wonderful although I much prefer Bobo to your bunny, not so fun to chase, looks like he can’t run much. I love your Auntie Whimsy’s purse too, if only I can hide inside to sleep, looks so comfy. 🙂 My, you have a cat mat too? I LOVE it but I still prefer my own mat. :DDD And lastly, I’m full of envy whenever I see your leather collar, if only mom buy me one from your uncle Larry, he is an artist. – Spots

    Liked by 1 person

    • Seymour Here. Hey Spots I hate to tell you but a mermaid is very big. I doubt if they are tasty. I’d ask Ursa but I think she might miss understand. You chase Bobo too much. If he’s the Easter bunny you won’t get any treats from him. I like to hide in things and sleep too. My mom lets me have a big cardboard box in the living room with a couple of blankets I put in it. I love to sleep there. I am lucky my Mom got me a collar from Larry. He is a great artist. Mom has to keep me tied outside somehow and I have broken or escaped from everything else. But I can’t get this one off and besides it’s too beautiful to remove. So be nice to Bobo and only chase once a day, —Seymour


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