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Seymour Here   Hi, everyone.  It’s been a while since I talked with you last.  We have some new listings up at the Boutique. (ADKArtsBoutique on ( )  I’d like to share them with you and then let you know what my other friends have been up to.  First my human sister Katilee has posted her newest watercolor. It’s a painting of Whiteface Mountain in the Adirondacks.  Whiteface was the home of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics. So here it is in all of it’s glory.Image

It’s beautiful and a great painting for your home, office, or camp. It would make a wonderful gift for any skiing or snowboarding enthusiast, Olympic follower, or nature admirer. It a perfect gift for someone who loves the Adirondack Mountain Region of New York State. She was inspired by the Whiteface Mountain Poster that we have in the shop.  The photograph of the poster was taken by my Dad.

The next two are drawings that Mom has done.  She just likes to convey the feeling the mountains give her.



These are a great way to bring The Adirondacks home.  My mom grew up in those mountains and loves them dearly.  These are great prints for your home, cabin, camp or office.  Any place that need a little Adirondack spirit. So you see we have been busy here.  My Mom is also working (crocheting) a baby blanket that will have a faux fur backing. I’ll give you a hint of what it will look like.


I can’t wait to see it finished.  But then I’m not allowed anywhere near it :((  It’s a good thing I have one of my own. 🙂

My friends have been busy too.  Spots has been practicing roaring like a lion.  He loves to be King of the House and likes everyone to know it. Here he is letting his Mom know it for sure!


When Spots is not roaring or chasing Bobo the Magnificent Rabbit he likes to explore things like boxes.  This is a box that came from my house.  I think he knows that I was near it.  🙂  Spots is such a handsome boy!


Speaking of Bobo the Magnificent Rabbit this is the only place he can get rest after being chased around by Spots.


No he is not in jail just his carrier.  But it does give him a nice safe place to sleep!  Bobo is a beautiful bunny.   Spots and Bobo’s Mom has been busy in her shop at Etsy too.  It’s called RainbowKnit. ( ) Here are some of her newest items.


Now for Skylar.  He been up to his mischief.  I’ll let him tell you his story.


Skylar Here: Remember me telling you about my fleas? Well they are all gone. Mom bombed them good. So maybe we can get together and do some cat nip. But first I have to tell you about This HOT, HOT little Kitty cat named Merry. Wow! Is she a Purdy Tat, if you know what I mean. MEEEOOW! She sure makes howling at the moon fun. I shared Cat Nip with her and Wow! she was banking off the walls at my house. But my mom told me not to have any parties while she was out shopping for me. But I didn’t listen so I’m in big trouble again.  Seymour, I told you about mom throwing my scratching post out because it had fleas didn’t I? Weeeelllllll Merry and I were having a good old time climbing mom’s new curtains and well, you know fooling around and having some fun. Well now, Mom has this potted plant in a very big pot, lots of dirt in it. Well we both had to make a DO-DO pretty bad. Need I say more Seymour? The suns coming up out of the ground and it’s hurting my old blue eyes. Time for me and Merry to catch some ZZZZZZZZZZ’s. Tell you more later buddy. You ain’t heard the worst of it yet. Say hi to the gang up there. Skylar is now leaving the building. CHOW!

As you see Skylar finds lots of ways to get into trouble.  I call him the Trouble Cat.  :))  Chasing Kitty’s and using too much cat nip.  His Mom really needs to keep an eye on him.  But she is busy sometimes painting.  Here is some of her fantastic work.  To see more go to her Etsy shop.  YoyaOriginals ( )

Image        Image

These are lovely paintings and she sells jewelry too.  Just though I’d ought to tell you.

Now for me.  I haven’t been up to too much.  But I all of sudden I like going outside again.  There are so many wonderful live toys out there to chase. I especially love squirrels and chipmunks.  I haven’t seen many chipmunks yet but there are a lot of grey squirrels and even a red one.  Here is my favorite outside toy.


Mom says that they are beautiful.  She took the photos.  But I say they are over the moon beautiful toys!!  I can’t go out to see them today it’s raining.  😦

So I think I’ll stay here inside where it is dry and help Mom with the bookkeeping.  I’m sure I’ll be the best help in the world. Stop by our facebook page when you get a chance we would love to have you visit.


Until next time remember.  Please Adopt, Love, and Protect those furry, feathered, and scaly friends that will always love you unconditionally. Take care and Grab a Cat Nap when you need one, they are delightful. —Seymour

Seymour’s cat collar made by Lawrence Carter from AcrossLeather On Etsy


2 thoughts on “The News From Here

  1. Hi Seymour, Spots here. Thanks for including me in your blog. I do looked like wanting to chomp off my mom’s head, don’t I LOL. Yes I can smell your scent in the box from your mom. We can’t meet up like Skylar and Merry (Wish I can see her photo) but at least i know how you smell like. :)))) I have been chasing Bobo a lot, she is my main entertainment. I swat her a lot too but mom won’t allow and scolded me for being mean to Bobo. Actually I’m just showing who’s boss in the house not to hurt her. I do agree with you that those squirrels are over the moon beautiful TOYS :DDDD wish mom can get me one. Chat with you next time, bye.- Spots

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    • Hi Spots, You are probably better to Bobo than I would be. I do better with fish LOL I have been wondering what this Merry looks like. I’ll have my Mom find out if she can get a photo from Skylar’s Mom. I wish you could come and visit I have a whole back yard full of them. As soon as it warms up there will be lots of chipmunks too. Thanks for writing to me. Talk to you again soon. 😀 Seymour


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