New Friends, New Shop, and Lots of Fun

Seymour here:  Hi everyone, we have been very busy.  We have opened a new vintage shop.  It belongs to my dad, Joe.  My mom helps him run it and I am of course the head of customer service.  I am the mascot now of 2 shops and 2 Facebook pages so that keeps me very busy.   So let me introduce to you now.  MountainAireVintage

Here are some of the wonderful items that we sell in this shop.  I also want to take this time to thank all the wonderful vintage friends we have at Etsy for all the help and encouragement.






This shop has something for everyone.  Great vintage items and more being listed almost every day.  Stop by and check us out.

ADKArtsBoutique has been very busy too.  My sister Katilee was at her artistic best when she created this stunning Christmas image.  Yes, remember Christmas is just around the corner and it doesn’t hurt to get a jump in the season.

Christmas Friends

Christmas Friends Etsy copy

She also has been doing mermaids.  Her mermaids are spectacular!!! This watercolor won the best of Fair at the Saratoga County Fair this summer.  I think she uses Ursa the Goldfish as a model.  So does Spots Mom 🙂  Actually Spots Mom figured it out first.  Just enjoy !!!

AMermaidsFindresized copy

Now for the big exciting News.  My Mom Patti and Lawrence Carter, Jr from AcrossLeather   have decided to collaborate on making handbags.  Different shapes and sizes.  Right now they are working on two very different designs.  They will have leather interiors and crocheted exteriors.  They will have hand tooled leather trims.  These will be FANTASTIC !!  Here is just an sneak preview.

1044830_747757081932587_7034788893734989505_ninterior of bag

icm_fullxfull.45111050_3qgzzhy6y1c0cwsc48wcBottom one of the bags

Now for my friends.  Spots was very sad.  His friend Happy the Parrot got out of he house and never came home 😦  So his Mom got him a new African Grey Parrot friend.  He is my friend too.  He is very cute.  This cuteness will stay with you all day long.  So introducing to you Wally

icm_fullxfull.45009585_tbhi0ctc16sk8cs4sk8gWally the Parrot  Isn’t he so funny.

Spots is up to his normal fun ways.  Helping his mom,  checking out Wally, and playing with is sister ZY. 

Upside down Spots

Spots1Spots the Pretty terror and Mom’s helpler

Spots Mom owns SwamiJewelry




I have also made some new friends and I’d like to introduce them to you.

This is Burkey   He loves to hunt flies and well any thing that buzzes through the house. 🙂 Great Fun 🙂



Then rest on the couch afterwards


He is even his mom’s avatar for her Etsy shop


His mom’s shop is MotherNaturesStash


And my other new friend is Rocko


He is a pretty kitty,  I should know he is the same colors as ME  😀

His mom is Marirose and her Etsy shop is EraAntiquesandFinds


As you see we cats look after the finest shops here on Etsy Oh! almost forgot to let you all know about my personal cat favorite. Why because he made my leather cat collar 😀



Great shops for Cats and ok dogs too.  Even humans can find some great hand tooled belts, wallets, and more!!!

Now for me.  I just been helping in the shops.  Catching crickets and bringing them to mom.  Chasing chipmunks and anything else that dares to move by me 🙂  073


Oh this is where mom works.  She is a mess.


This is me helping. 🙂  Didn’t know I could crochet did you??

003 (3)

Now just cleaning up after working so hard and getting ready to do what I do best.



Till next time take care of all your wonderful and lovely furry, scaly, and feathered friends.  Be sure to adopt if you need a new best friend.  Hugs to all.  —Seymour










3 thoughts on “New Friends, New Shop, and Lots of Fun

  1. Hi Seymour, Spots here. Envy you can make many friends, hope I can play with them. 🙂 I miss Happy quite a bit. The house is too quiet without his endless chatter and songs. Hope Wally learns to talk soon. Mom says thank you and hugs for introducing her shops and Wally Baby. :))) Bye for now. Nice chatting to you. Spots The Lonely.


    • Spots I’m sure your mom will teach Wally to talk and chatter. Then you won’t be so lonely. I’m delighted to share your moms shops. They have wonderful beautiful items. Baby Wally is so cute. Of course you can play with my friends anytime 🙂 We are all one big and merry cat family 🙂


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