Collaboration and News From My Friends

Seymour Here:

There has been a lot going on here at ADKArtsBoutique and that is why you haven’t heard from me.  Haven’t been near the computer because Mom is always on it.  She has been collaborating with Expert Leather Artist Lawrence Carter from AcrossLeather  on a new line of handbags, purses, and more.  The first in this line is done.  The inside of this beautiful handbag is leather, the strap is hand tooled leather, and the outside is crocheted.  Here I’ll let the bag speak for itself.





This is available at ADKArtsBoutique

This bag can be a shoulder bag or cross body bag. It is large enough to carry all those must have things that we woman must carry and yet, it isn’t bulky.  The strap is also adjustable.  What a great bag to own or give as a gift.  It’s a Wow!!

Now it that isn’t enough for Mom she is also offering custom made ponchos.  All you have to do is decide the color.

This poncho is warm, cozy, and great for various outings.  But especially great for those cold football stadiums and that tailgate party.  It will keep you comfy.  It even has a hood to keep your head warm.



Take a giant step back into time. This retro styled poncho will bring you back to the sixties and seventies. Perfect for the football stadium, camping, boating, or just out about town on those cool spring or fall days.  A full choice of colors are available and completely up to you. 🙂

Now I have to let you know about my Mom’s biggest honor.  We was selected and put in an Artist Exposed Treasury

Untitled il_570xN.669441252_pe96

Does the bag she is working on look familiar?  Mom was so delighted and happy to join the artist’s featured here and would like to thank Vicki Diane for including her.  Vicki has a Etsy shop full of beautiful and fashionable jewelry items  Click here to check it out.

My Dad’s shop MountainAireVintage is doing really well.  Dad really enjoys the hunt for unique, fun, and practical vintage items for his shop.  He loves to see them get a new start in life and a new home.  He would like me to introduce you to Ellsmith.  That’s just what Dad calls her.  She is a vintage Mop Doll and she really needs a new home.  She is a truly lovely doll. She has been loved for years and stored away and now awaits for a new home. She is handmade with a porcelain hand painted head. Her large beautiful eyes will just pull you into her world.


My friends all have been living busy lives.  So I’ll try to catch you up.


Spots has been a good kitty.  Helping his Mom in her two Etsy Shops

RainbowKnit and Swami Jewelry

il_570xN.513602894_blut il_570xN.663581394_baqf

Here is Spots and you can see how happy and healthy he is.

IMG-20140928-WA0005 IMG_20141005_191016_HDR IMG_20141005_191238 IMG_20141022_171053

Doesn’t he have the prettiest green eyes. 🙂  Spots is my best friend and lives in Singapore.  What a lucky boy it doesn’t get cold where he lives.  Winter is coming to New York where I do live and I don’t like going out when it’s cold.

This is Bobo The Magnificent Bunny with the perfect fringe.  She is the most beautiful of bunnies.  She lives in Singapore with Spots.


And we must not forget Wally.  He is Bobo and Spots new brother.  He is an African Grey Parrot.  The big news with Wally is he is learning to talk.  Learning to say Hello.  As for me I think a Meow works just fine. 🙂

icm_fullxfull.47260112_km3gngfbk5cwwk44w4gg icm_fullxfull.46046058_3ip6gr526xmo4wk0kg48 icm_fullxfull.45443902_bpwt43jxcnwws0kw0k8g icm_fullxfull.45443894_lpadzj0yff48so00ggs8

Isn’t Wally just he cutest bird in the world. 🙂

I have some new friends.  My Mom has a friend named Marirose.  She is a great lady and I am friends with her babies.

First there is.

Lacy The Labordoodle  What cute doggie.  Looks like he she loves to play.

icm_fullxfull.45482627_twfiiy42qo00ww400gc4 icm_75x75.45468148_dm00hfoalg08wks00oo8

This is Lacys playmate Rocko.   I love Rocko because he looks like ME.  LOL  🙂


Rocko got his name spelled this way because ever since he was a kitten when he sits in your lap, and you pet him he rocks back and forth.  Rocko has no idea he is a cat. He hangs out with Lacy all the time instead of the other cats. He greets people at the door with Lacy. Lacy just loves him, and the feeling is mutual! They both love to sit and look out of the big windows and patio doors together and watch all the many birds, squirrels, deer, and chipmunks that are always in the yard.

This is Mittens.  He lives with Lacy and Rocko.  He is an older man and needs to rest.  But he is still adorable.


And this is their friend and boarder Hester.  Hester is living with them till his new home is built.


Their Mom has an Etsy shop and it’s called EraAntiquesandFinds

Here are some great items from her shop:

il_570xN.660232530_1uqw il_570xN.665192426_qie4

Now for my other new friend Burkey.  Isn’t that a great name for a cat 🙂   As you can see when he is not playing he knows how to keep his grandpa company 🙂  He is a great kitty.

icm_fullxfull.45607421_kqodpk1s6k0ooskc0ckc icm_fullxfull.45607401_qzz6pjrpbms0ggws4k00 icm_fullxfull.46785921_k5oefsjl4jkws0wow8s8

Burkey’s Mom’s name is Barb and she is a wonderful lady.  She has an Etsy shop too.  (Don’t all mom’s who have cats, we have to do the work while they drink coffee, but you didn’t hear that from me.)  Anyways her shop is called MotherNaturesStash  Here are some great items from the lovely shop.

il_570xN.628826335_7mj5 il_170x135.608465412_gyt0

So as you see I have been busy making friends and helping in the shops.  It takes a lot more work now that there are 2 Etsy shops but with me to help them my family has is well in control.  My sister has also been working on some digital art in our shop.  Here is some for Halloween which is just around the corner.

il_570xN.659138930_bn4j il_570xN.661323505_65yc il_570xN.664931986_wkil

Mom is working on the next bag from AcrossLeather and our shop.  This one will be completely different than the first one. I’ll show it to you as soon as it’s done.  Or if I can sneak a photo of it with out them knowing I’ll give you a “sneak peek”.

Speaking of AcrossLeather  stop by Lawrence’s shop and see what other wonderful leather items he has.  Just think what great gifts these will make at Christmas.  He also does custom orders and is a great guy to work with.  I know he made Spots and my collars 🙂

il_570xN.385404931_a1ee il_570xN.498445307_i2zy il_570xN.587916935_9yzi il_570xN.440797223_jug5

So now I have you all caught up with my friends and busy family.  This is what I have been up to.001 (2) 003 (3) 003 007 010 (2) 011 021 056 073 004

As you can see I have been very busy.  Especially getting ready for Halloween.  Someone has to sleep on the Halloween rug.

So until next time take care of all your furry, fuzzy, scaly, and feathered friends.  They depend upon you.  And if you decide to get a special friend be sure to adopt and save a life. 🙂  Seymour 🙂


©For People Who Have A Deep Love Of Things Adirondack


Pet Collars, Leashes, and Beyond


©For People Who Have A Deep Love Of Things Vintage


2 thoughts on “Collaboration and News From My Friends

  1. Hi Seymour, Spots here. Thank you so much for updating on my family of furry sister, and feathered brother. We are all doing fine and I can see you are too. Last night my human sister ZY rescued a Bulbul Ashly bird home, he banged into a window and has concussion on the head. Because of him I got plenty of scolding from Mom and Dad every time I go near the cage trying to eat him ( of course I’m dying to eat him, its been a long time since I tasted fresh bird meat, yum) 😦 Mom decided to keep him because it looks like his neck is crooked and he can’t fly straight. So that makes two feathered brothers for me. 😦 Not like the idea at all, double scolding for me. Bye now, I can hear Mom preparing dinner for me in the kitchen. 🙂
    – Spots

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Spots, you cannot eat your relatives. Me I like crow meat and they are definitely not a bird you’d want in the house. My Mom wants your mom to send photo of your newest brother and his name. I hope Wally doesn’t mind. I know Bobo has an I don’t care attitude. She’s so pretty with her fringe she just doesn’t need to deal with us. LOL Now remember my favorite food is Whitefish and Salmon but I would never ever eat Ursa the goldfish. She is my mermaid sister after all. So help your Mom take care of the others that’s what we cats are supposed to do. Remind Mom when they need to be fed so that she can feed you too. ( I eat Ursa goldfish flakes).
      Hugs and talk to you soon—- Seymour


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