Happy Thanksgiving Too You and Seymour’s Insights.

Seymour Here:  Hi everyone.  Thanksgiving is almost here.  Mom has been baking up a storm.  They will share their turkey with me but I won’t eat it.  I only really like fish, whitefish and salmon are my favorites.  My best friend is also a fish her name is Ursa and she is a goldfish.  I’m sure you all know how I love to drink her water.  Goldfish though are not for eating. 🙂  I never eat my friends.

First let me tell you what we have been doing at ADKArtsBoutique   https://www.etsy.com/shop/ADKArtsBoutique    Mom and her friend Lawrence Carter Jr. from AcrossLeather  https://www.etsy.com/shop/AcrossLeather  have made their second bag.  It is positively gorgeous and unique.  Hand tooled leather flowers on the bottom and a crocheted drawstring closure.  They work hard to be precise and give lots of attention to detail  This and all their bags are handmade with love.  So here it is:


Here are some other bags that we have here at ADKArtsBoutique

Untitled-1DSC_0060014145 copy027 copy002

These would all make great Christmas gifts.  Speaking of Christmas if you are decorating maybe, some handmade ornaments would be great.  How about some crocheted snowflakes.


Don’t forget the Christmas and Thank You Note Cards.


Christmastime makes me think about my friends and my best friend is Spots.  He lives in Singapore.  He was so lucky he got to chase and catch a lizard the other day.  I have to just chase plain old mice.   Spot”s has been diagnosed with Cat HIV but his mom takes such good care of him you wouldn’t know it.  🙂   This is Spots the very pretty kitty with bright big eyes.


His bother Wally is starting to grow big and now can talk and say Spots name.   I’d really like to hear that.  A bird talking to me would be very funny.  😉  He is sitting on his human sister’s shoulder helping her.  See he really is a very smart bird. 🙂


Their mom is also introducing bags into her shop RainbowKnit   https://www.etsy.com/shop/RainbowKnit   Here are a few of her items.  Her hand knit sweaters are amazing too. If you’d like to order something from her for Christmas you have to do it soon because she and Spots live in Singapore and that is a long ways away.


My Uncle Larry’s shop has lots of new items too.  He’s not really my uncle but since he made my collar I call him that.

He makes the best hand tooled collars, wallets, belts and a lot more.

His shop AcrossLeather  https://www.etsy.com/shop/AcrossLeather  is in Delaware and he is always designing new items and he takes custom orders.


My Dad’s shop MountainAireVintage  https://www.etsy.com/shop/MountainAireVintage   has a lot of great Christmas gift ideas and he is always adding new things.  Here are some of his great items.  I know they would make perfect presents to be found under the Christmas tree.  Usually you find me under the Christmas tree. That is where I love to take a nap.


My Mom has a friend that she would like me to share with you.  Her name is Monica and her shop is called MonicaWilgaDesigns   https://www.etsy.com/shop/MonicaWilgaDesigns     I think that her great items would also make wonderful Christmas presents.


As for me I have been hibernating in the house from the weather.  I don’t like cold much and I hate snow.  It’s cold and It’s very very wet.  Who likes water especially when they are a cat.  Not ME!!!!  It’s snowing as I type this.  We could get a foot or more.  My Mom and Dad went out just to walk in it and watch it fall.  They are crazy aren’t they.  Here is what they saw.


Yeah all those white spots are snow.  I’m glad I’m inside.  The best thing to do on nights like this is to find someone to cuddle with and get some rest.  So that is just what I’m going to do.  Find my favorite bear and get some sleep.  So everyone have the Happiest Thanksgiving.  When giving thanks think of your pet friends and how they have made your life better.  Please do not give pets for Christmas unless absolutely sure that the receiver can care for it and really wants a new friend.  Too many of us get  mistreated or sent to shelters because we were not the best gift idea.  Take care of all your furry, fuzzy, scaly, hairy, feathered friends and they will love you back.  —-  Seymour



5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving Too You and Seymour’s Insights.

  1. Hi Seymour, Spots here. First of all, a very happy Thanksgiving to you and your family especially your over worked mom. 😀 Then I must thank you for all the compliments you gave to my mom’s shop. Yes I killed a lizard and made sure he died a horrible death by ….don’t think you’d want to know. Hehehe. Mom said she loves those snow photos, but not me. Looks cold and wet. I’d rather share your teddy bear and sleep beside the heater. LOL Bye now. Chat with you next time, Spots

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    • Hi Spots, I know how that lizard died I’m a cat too, hehehe LOL Your mom has a great shop actually 2 great shops 🙂 You can share my teddy bear and It’s nice and warm here in the house too. I’m like you snow is too cold and wet. Talk to you again soon. Seymour


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