Seymour Here Again, Finally :)

Seymour here:

004 (5)

Wow it’s been a very long time since I have gotten back to all of you wonderful people.  Been doing a bit of rearranging here at ADKArtsBoutique and MountainAireVintage.  Mom had to redo her command center ( where her computer is located) to make more room for the vintage items that they have found on their hunts.  Also trying to find a place to store all of these great items too.  But now I think I’m back and running.  So to celebrate ADKArtsBoutique is having a Summer Sale!!!  Here are some of the great items we have on Sale Now!!


Crochet and Leather Boho Bag, Hobo Drawstring and Hand Tooled Leather Cradle Bag
For the Summer we have to decided to give you a great deal. This bag originally listed at $650.00 is now at an amazing price of $399.00. This is just for the summer so don’t miss this sweet summer find. A great bag for carrying all your essentials.


Crochet Boho Purse With Hand Tooled Leather, Handmade
For the Summer we are having an amazing sale of this bag. It is not $75.00 down from $95.00 A great bag and not to be missed.


Crochet Boho Purse Tangerine and Light Yellow
A great bag for Summer and now it’s on Sale!! Don’t miss it!!


Crochet Doily Pink Stardust
A great sale on this lovely doily.
This is a beautiful light pink doily. It will brighten up any area. Great for gift giving or for yourself. A wonderful star design with lace in between. Crocheted doilies are great to add a touch of elegance and for protecting your furniture.

Be sure to check out our other items on sale also :

We’ve also added a lot of new items to MountainAireVintage.  Here is a look at some of the great vintage finds we have to offer.

il_570xN.789978512_kzdn il_570xN.789971628_lx5j il_570xN.786229810_1o2k il_570xN.777530508_h56r il_570xN.774688774_62b8 il_570xN.763193213_wh47 il_570xN.674329754_frph

Now it’s time to give you an update on my friends.

Rico has been enjoying the outside.  He loves to be out guarding the house.  His mom loves him so much.  But poor Rico and his mom got stung by bees.  That is the one thing that isn’t fun about summer.

icm_fullxfull.59149942_74lhja1dokwsk8kg4scs icm_fullxfull.59165861_bgyoqlg88p44kkkogg4g icm_fullxfull.59955268_pcvj81mrc5cwkkcgo4gg

Now my friend Spots is always busy.  Here is the Singapore Cat King being the perfect comedian.

IMG-20150402-WA0000 IMG-20150402-WA0001 IMG-20150402-WA0002

Spots has the greenest eyes of any cat.   He doesn’t like hugs but he does like kisses on his nose.  The old smoothie. LOL  Spots lives with Bobo a magnificent bunny and Wally an African Grey Parrot who can talk.  Can you imagine what it would be like to talk.  Just think what we could tell these crazy humans we live with.  Now I know why we can’t talk.

My other human friends are busy too.  Don’t forget there is an artist behind every piece of handmade goods on Etsy.

This is Lawrence Carter from AcrossLeather


Here are some of his newest items.  These are fantastic.  I should know I wear one of his superb collars and I love mine.  Except I can’t get out of it.  Mom must of had that in mind.  But it is beautiful and Spots also wears one too. 🙂

il_570xN.786305919_l8vq il_170x135.784831690_vkpe il_570xN.789068061_mu58 il_570xN.789947330_4vj3 il_570xN.790751016_cl5l il_570xN.791283198_a7y2 il_570xN.791623896_20ef

Yet Mee Kin, Spots Mom has lots of wonderful things in her shops too.  Be sure to stop by and pay her a visit. SwamiJewelry



Here are some the the lovely items from her shops.  Be sure to stop by and check them all out.

il_170x135.747289462_239s il_570xN.496889242_abgn il_570xN.516660798_jflo il_570xN.527572043_crht il_570xN.645950182_6p2u il_570xN.673935132_qwp5 il_570xN.691037159_t8b1 il_570xN.718755089_stmb

Now Rico’s Mom also has a great Etsy shop with wonderful items just waiting for you to explore.


Her shop is


Here are some of her wonderful creations.

il_570xN.783604715_ogz5 il_570xN.783261752_7stc il_570xN.731571931_sush il_570xN.724593263_uj9w il_570xN.672168887_2obj il_570xN.618525476_jdl8 il_570xN.606806425_3kn5

We had a sad day today.  One of my bunny friends got killed by our neighbor’s cat.  I wasn’t outside to chase the cat away.  The baby bunny’s Mom must of forgot to teach him to stay away from cats.  Because all cats are not like me.  I don’t touch them I protect them because otherwise Daddy gets really mad.  :((

As for myself this is what I have been up to.  Just lazing around the house.  Why is it that humans like our cat feet so much that they take photos of them.  You’d think they were cute or something. 011 (2) 011

045 21316_1640999049448486_6306754954459937924_n

I’m glad I have all of you to share my family and friends with.  I love my job making sure that all things are perfect here at ADKArtsBoutique and MountainAireVintage.  Just imagine what it would be like if I left the humans in control.  I make sure every package is well packed, shipped quickly, and well inspected.  (Except for all the crocheted items Mom won’t let me near them but I do watch her make all of them)  So I know that they are perfect.  What else is a cat to do.

Now that it is hot outside please please remember to never leave your pets in a hot vehicle.  Bring them into the A/C they enjoy it too.  Make sure that they also have lots of water to drink.  They’ll love you for it.

Love and take good care of your furry, fuzzy, hairy, feathered, and scaly friends.  If you are looking for a pet friend help one in need and adopt.

Thank you all for the visit


sey with measuring tape


4 thoughts on “Seymour Here Again, Finally :)

  1. Hi Seymour, Spots here. Its been a long time since I last chat with you. Glad to know that everything is well over in your home except the sad incident of the poor baby bunny. If I were there, I would pounce on your neighbor’s cat and make sure she regrets what she did. I too love to chase Bobo around the house but just chasing and having fun, never hurt her :(. Mom is sad too. Oh yes, she is very grateful to you for putting my photos and her shops in your blog. She wants to hug and muah you, so start hiding if you don’t like hugs like me. :DDD
    Got to go now, chat with you next time. Bye. – Spots

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Spots. Your mom could hug and kiss me all she wants for I actually like it. Did I say that out loud???? Hmmmm. If I catch that neighbors yellow cat he or she will be sorry. I got him once already but I guess it wasn’t enough. He’ll have to learn to leave my bunnies alone. I loved the photos of Bobo and Wally on facebook. Mom copied them for me so I can post them in the next blog.
      I talk to you again soon!!! Bye bye –Seymour


  2. Seymour, as always you are on top on everything and the operation could not run without you! ❤
    Thanks very much from Rico and his mom ❤
    Good job, Seymour ~ and to everyone else too! Bravo to all and keep up the great work 🙂 !!

    Liked by 1 person

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