Fall at ADKArtsBoutique

Seymour here:

Hi everyone,  I had a busy summer.  I’m sorry for not communicating with all of my good friends.  You know a cat’s life is very busy and to tell you the truth I couldn’t get mom off the computer long enough to get anything done.   So fall is here and it’s beautiful.

This is outside ADKArtsBoutique and MountainAireVintage:

001 002 (2) 003 (2) 005 out side bedroom window one 012

I would also like to wish you all a very Happy Halloween.

009 011 night mumpkin DSC_0060

Just a reminder and for safety reasons please keep your black kitties in the house.  That is where I will be.

What is new at ADKArtsBoutique https://www.etsy.com/shop/ADKArtsBoutique  Well, Mom has been busy as always.  She some new bags done.  Here they are.

101set of twoUntitled-1006 021

Aren’t these bags cool.  The large tote on top is called a drum bag.  It is large and will hold lots of items.  The next one is a beautiful white beaded and fringed top handle bag.  The top handle is hand tooled leather and gorgeous.  The last one is a small black and white drawstring pouch.   These are all available plus a whole lot more at ADKArtsBoutique on Etsy   https://www.etsy.com/shop/ADKArtsBoutique

My sister Katilee has been very busy too.  Here is what she has been up to.

First she has done a commissioned piece for a streamer on Twitch.  This so much fun and it makes me smile every time I see it.  Did you know that cats are the only animal that can smile. 🙂

thesaltysectoid_small_katileeturon_by_adkkitty-d9et515 copy

For our shop Kati has made some new and unique art.  Here is some of her newest.

PumpkinQueen-KatileeTuron Haunted-KatileeTuron ColonyEngineer-KatileeTuron Harvest Witch-Katilee Turon

Remember that cool and cold weather is on the way and my mom has something to help you keep really warm and toasty at the football game, tailgate party, or any other event.  You can have it made in any color of your choosing they are custom made for you.

josie and kati DSC_0115 il_570xN.814845031_jlo9

Don’t forget also that Christmas is coming and ADKArtsBoutique has lots of great gift ideas for you.  We have Christmas cards.

020 010

Hand crocheted Christmas Snowflakes, some even come in colors.  You may also request colors.  We always love custom orders. 😉

046 067 054

Speaking of Christmas don’t for get to stop by MountainAireVintage. https://www.etsy.com/shop/MountainAireVintage

il_570xN.857877547_1mg9 il_570xN.794113170_kdi7 il_570xN.854496529_mge6 il_570xN.789978512_kzdn il_570xN.656533237_n1eq

I bet you are wondering how my friends are.  Well they are all doing great.  Here is Spots, Wally and Bobo from Singapore. They are a fun trio.  I know that they keep their Mom very busy.  Don’t you love the color of Spots green eyes.  They are all very adorable.

icm_fullxfull.67441624_f1le600sd4gs8ko84sw4 1533894_10206862358255933_2088057485460925428_n 11403009_10206862346695644_89344806413054896_n

Their Mom runs two Etsy shops  One is SwamiJewelry https://www.etsy.com/shop/SwamiJewelry where you can find gorgeous jewelry like this:


The other is Rainbow Knit https://www.etsy.com/shop/RainbowKnit and here are some great items from this shop.


My other friend is Rico.  The non stop eating machine of a doggie.  He loves his treats.  This is Rico.  What a sweet boy.

icm_fullxfull.69958676_8jmnv9gsrps8g40wwkow icm_fullxfull.64416829_1e585w3b6yv40cg8sc0s

His Mom’s Etsy shop is called MonicaWilgaDesigns  https://www.etsy.com/shop/MonicaWilgaDesigns  These are some fantastic items from her shop.


Also I want to tell you about our friend Lawrence Carter Jr. from AcrossLeather  https://www.etsy.com/shop/AcrossLeather  He has been very ill for quite some time but now is getting up and around.  He is getting back to work and we are delighted.  His work is the best and he is the ultimate in Leather artistry.


I  want to wish you all a very Happy Halloween and take care of all the kiddies.  Keep them safe and let them have lots of fun. But just between you and I, I don’t like leaves on the ground.  They drive me crazy.  YUCK!!   I don’t get to go out and play now as often and that makes me unhappy too.  But there are compensations.  I get to talk to all of you.

Remember, adopt your next furry, fuzzy, scaled, or feathered friend.  That is best way to save a life.  I know I was adopted and look at me now.  PR Manager, Quality Control, Inspector, Customer Service Mgr., Blogger, and Mascot of two Etsy shops. Now that does keep a cat busy.  So stop by ADKArtsBoutique  https://www.etsy.com/shop/ADKArtsBoutique   and visit my Mom  and also stop by MountainAireVintage https://www.etsy.com/shop/MountainAireVintage and visit my Dad.

Take care and until next time

Seymour 🙂

002 (7) 001 (2) 002 (6) 003 (3) yuiiiiyuiyuiyuiuy


4 thoughts on “Fall at ADKArtsBoutique

  1. Hi Spots and Seymour! It’ s Rico here ~ Spots, give your mom Mee Kin a gentle hug from all of us here in Pennsylvania ❤ and a great big Get Well Soon wish!

    Seymour, such a great and wonderful blog as always !! Mom loves it and she loves all of the photos of everyone's work and their great shops, and your fall foliage is gorgeous.
    Congratulations to Kati on her cool commissioned piece!
    So glad awesome Larry is feeling better ~ Hey Larry! 🙂
    Can't forget my hellos to Wally and Bobo too 😀

    Mom says thank you very much for including us also 🙂 And give your whole family a big hug from all of us too!

    Happy Halloween!!!
    Love, Rico and The Fam 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Seymour here: Hi Rico and Happy Halloween to you and your family. I’m happy you liked the blog. It’s fun to show the world all of the great things our friends make, but most of all to show off my best friends. 😉 Give your mom a big HUG and she will give you extra treats.


  2. Hi Seymour, Spots here. Mom is down with flu and she wants me to thank you on her behalf for sharing her 2 Etsy shops in this blog. 🙂 She wanted to give you a big hug and lots of kisses but couldn’t because she is wearing her mask to prevent spreading germs to everyone, including you and me. LOL Bye for now is my afternoon nap time. Chat next time, with love from Spots.

    Liked by 1 person

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