New Friends, New Shop, and Lots of Fun

Seymour here:  Hi everyone, we have been very busy.  We have opened a new vintage shop.  It belongs to my dad, Joe.  My mom helps him run it and I am of course the head of customer service.  I am the mascot now of 2 shops and 2 Facebook pages so that keeps me very busy.   So let me introduce to you now.  MountainAireVintage

Here are some of the wonderful items that we sell in this shop.  I also want to take this time to thank all the wonderful vintage friends we have at Etsy for all the help and encouragement.






This shop has something for everyone.  Great vintage items and more being listed almost every day.  Stop by and check us out.

ADKArtsBoutique has been very busy too.  My sister Katilee was at her artistic best when she created this stunning Christmas image.  Yes, remember Christmas is just around the corner and it doesn’t hurt to get a jump in the season.

Christmas Friends

Christmas Friends Etsy copy

She also has been doing mermaids.  Her mermaids are spectacular!!! This watercolor won the best of Fair at the Saratoga County Fair this summer.  I think she uses Ursa the Goldfish as a model.  So does Spots Mom 🙂  Actually Spots Mom figured it out first.  Just enjoy !!!

AMermaidsFindresized copy

Now for the big exciting News.  My Mom Patti and Lawrence Carter, Jr from AcrossLeather   have decided to collaborate on making handbags.  Different shapes and sizes.  Right now they are working on two very different designs.  They will have leather interiors and crocheted exteriors.  They will have hand tooled leather trims.  These will be FANTASTIC !!  Here is just an sneak preview.

1044830_747757081932587_7034788893734989505_ninterior of bag

icm_fullxfull.45111050_3qgzzhy6y1c0cwsc48wcBottom one of the bags

Now for my friends.  Spots was very sad.  His friend Happy the Parrot got out of he house and never came home 😦  So his Mom got him a new African Grey Parrot friend.  He is my friend too.  He is very cute.  This cuteness will stay with you all day long.  So introducing to you Wally

icm_fullxfull.45009585_tbhi0ctc16sk8cs4sk8gWally the Parrot  Isn’t he so funny.

Spots is up to his normal fun ways.  Helping his mom,  checking out Wally, and playing with is sister ZY. 

Upside down Spots

Spots1Spots the Pretty terror and Mom’s helpler

Spots Mom owns SwamiJewelry




I have also made some new friends and I’d like to introduce them to you.

This is Burkey   He loves to hunt flies and well any thing that buzzes through the house. 🙂 Great Fun 🙂



Then rest on the couch afterwards


He is even his mom’s avatar for her Etsy shop


His mom’s shop is MotherNaturesStash


And my other new friend is Rocko


He is a pretty kitty,  I should know he is the same colors as ME  😀

His mom is Marirose and her Etsy shop is EraAntiquesandFinds


As you see we cats look after the finest shops here on Etsy Oh! almost forgot to let you all know about my personal cat favorite. Why because he made my leather cat collar 😀



Great shops for Cats and ok dogs too.  Even humans can find some great hand tooled belts, wallets, and more!!!

Now for me.  I just been helping in the shops.  Catching crickets and bringing them to mom.  Chasing chipmunks and anything else that dares to move by me 🙂  073


Oh this is where mom works.  She is a mess.


This is me helping. 🙂  Didn’t know I could crochet did you??

003 (3)

Now just cleaning up after working so hard and getting ready to do what I do best.



Till next time take care of all your wonderful and lovely furry, scaly, and feathered friends.  Be sure to adopt if you need a new best friend.  Hugs to all.  —Seymour










Seymour Here!!

Seymour Here –  Hi everyone!!  It’s been a long time since I’ve had a chance to talk to you all.  You see Mom became a leader of a new great team on Etsy.  It’s called TeamVintageUSA.  It’s a team of vintage and handmade sellers.  It’s a fun team and hassle free.  The only requirement is that shops have to be located in the United States.  Buyers are very welcome to join also. This is our logo. :))


The Captain of the team is Denise from oldandnew8 on Etsy.  She sells beautiful vintage items.  Here is a link to her shop and an item that she sells.


As for us here at ADKArtsBoutique  we have been very busy.  Mom has finished and listed a new crocheted baby blanket.  It is so lovely.  A giraffe sitting on a cloud and the cloud is very soft.  So now you have 2 to chose from. They would make a great baby shower, christmas, or birthday gift.  Great for babies and toddlers.  Both the blankets have a faux fur backing that is soft, warm, and comfy.



We spent one weekend climbing in the Adirondacks.  We climbed Big and Little Crow mountain.  I shouldn’t say we, they left me at home. 😦  Mom, Dad, and Katilee went.  Ben was at work so I was all alone except for my best friend Ursa.  (Goldfish).  I couldn’t even get on the interent so I could talk to Spots in Singapore. ;(  But they came home with some beautiful photographs.  Mom posted one in the shop and here it is.


Look at the beautiful view I missed.  But I’ll get to see it anytime I want now without having to climb a mountain.  That is good because  between you and I climbing mountains is not really something I would like.  But I do love the photos. :))  They really had a great day.  It was beautiful and sunny.  They met nice people on the summit with their dog.  Here is some photos of the fun that they had. 🙂


That is my sister Katilee on the right isn’t she pretty. Especially that lovely smile but then I’m her cat brother.  She has been very busy too.  She went to outer space.  Well in her artwork that is where she went.  Here is her newest.  It’s a set of 2 differernt digital paintings. They would be so beautiful in a frame with a black matte.



It makes me just want to catch the nearest starship and take a ride.  Maybe some of my friends could come with me.  Speaking of my friends I have just a bit of news.  I haven’t heard from Skylar (he’s probably in trouble again) and Lucy and Kitty’s Mom had been away so they are probably staying pretty close to her now that she’s home.

Spots is sad becasue he can’t use Bobo the Bunny as his live toy any more.  No more playing.  He didn’t know it but it upset Bobo more that she let on.  So their Mom has to keep them separated.

This is a sad Spots:


So now all Spots can do is help his Mom make beautiful things for her 2 shops.



and Rainbowknit



Spot’s Mom can knit beautifully.

I have just been enjoying myself helping my Mom and playing outside.  Being outside it the best. 🙂




So after all that hard work and playing I have to do what cats to best.  That is to take a cat nap. So until next time take care of those who love you unconditionally.  Your furry, feathered, and scaly friends.  Please adopt, rescue, and love.  –Seymour



PS Looking for the perfect present for your furry friends.  Just visit AcrossLeather on Etsy.  You just might find something for yourself too.  I’m also in their banner. 🙂  You’ll recongize me I’m the cat 🙂  Say “hi” to Lawrence for me.


Lives and Times Of Seymour

Seymour Here.  I hope all mothers out there had a very happy day yesterday.  Even I got dressed up for the occasion.  I was so unfortunate because I didn’t catch a chipmunk, a squirrel, or a rabbit.  That meant I didn’t have a present from my human Mom.  I think she was just as happy with my getting all spruced up for the day.  What do you think?


I think I look really good in my bow tie. 🙂

We have been busy at ADKArtsBoutique on Etsy.  Here is what we have added that is new.

This is a Crocheted Baby Blanket that Mom made.  It even has an faux fur backing.  So soft!!  I have one too that used to belong to my brother Ben when he was a baby.  Two new backings later and it’s still going.  It’s also machine wash and dry.  Mom likes that so she can keep it clean and tidy for me.  It’s also great for the babies because we all know babies can be cute but messy. 🙂


Next thing that is new is my sister Katilee made this wonderful fall painting. We just call it Autumn.  It the feeling of the fall leaves with the wind blowing as a storm is rolling in.


I love to look at Autumn paintings and photographs any time of year.  It’s my favorite season next to summer.  I love the fall color and chasing the leaves in the yard.  Though not as much fun as chipmunks and rabbits.

I bet you have been wondering whats up with all my friends.  Well I’ll tell you.

First my Singapore buddies Spots, Bobo, and Happy

Spots is doing really well.  Busy chasing Bobo the living toy, making Happy squawk, and chasing lizards.

This is Spots hunting.  He tells his Mom he’s looking for me but I know better.


He hunt and plays so hard that he gets like me.  Hungry!!!  This his how he looks when he wants food from his Mom.


Then after he convinces her to feed him then he get very tired and needs to find a place to lay down.

He needs to get his energy back to chase Bobo.  LOL



For those of you who don’t know Bobo.  Here is the living cat toy.  At least that is what Spots thinks no matter how many times his Mom tells him that Bobo is a bunny and another pet.


When Spots is napping or in the other room his Mom lets Happy stretch his wings.  Happy really like doing that.  Can’t you just see him smiling in this photo.


Their Mom  Yet Mee Kin of Swami Jewelry has been busy in her two Etsy shops.  RainbowKnit and SwamiJewelry  Here are some of her wonderful handmade items.

Swami Jewelry






Now about Skylar and his antics.  We all know about his girlfriend Merry and have been wondering what she looks like. So this is Merry.  Wow she looks like Spots!!!  No wonder he is crazy about her.

Merry Yoyas Cat

Skylar has sent me a letter telling me what he has been up to.  So I’ll let him tell you.

Hey Duds, Skylar here, just checking in to let ya all know what’s happening in my life right now.
Merry is still banned from playtime at my house. Mom says she is a mischief maker. Who would of thought that breaking and entering my catnip cupboard would cause soooo much trouble. EEE.Meow meow hisss and spit. Now because we did the stinky DO-DO in mommy’s flower pots, Merry can’t come over until I make STOP signs that say NO POOPING HERE!!! Seymour I am so longing to see Merry but I must focus on these DO-DO be gone signs. So I must get busy with the job at hand. Will catch ya later buddy.



We also have a dog story for you.  This is from Yoya’a Dog Key Key D.

That parrot that hangs out there needs to work out her wings because Those cats that are strung out on catnip say they are coming back and they are going to clip her wings good for her/him and they are fixing to serve her under glass. You Know like they do the pheasants. Her mom better be giving her lots of seed ammo to head’um off at the pass. I will be sending in the baby gargoyles to help protect her. Their names are Picker, Chewy and Bellyacher. You’ll know’um when you see’um.. Will wire you more later. YoyaOriginals

Key Key D in Yoya Outfit.


Picker, Chewy and Bellyacher



Now for our other friends Lucy and Kitty.  They belong to Averil  from JoolsbyAveril

Averil says that Lucy is fat now and waddles when she walks.  I think she is just beautiful.  What do you think?

Averils lucy cat

Kitty is the star in a mystery.  I’ll let his Mom Averil tell you about it.

I forgot to tell you about Kitty. I was making a leather bracelet and this piece of leather had a knot in it. So I asked Ronald to get the knot out for me. Later, I asked him where my piece of leather was. He said that he had left it on the bed. I told him that it wasn’t there. I have been giving Kitty and Lucy my left over pieces of macrame cord to play with. I’ve been tying ribbons on and beads for them to play with. Kitty must have picked up my leather cord. I told her she better find it!! Ronald said he hoped she hadn’t eaten it. I said, “She better not, I’m making a bracelet out of it!” Do you know that leather has disappeared, that was 2 days ago. Well, she hasn’t thrown it up, so I’ve no idea where that piece of leather is!!! The mystery of the missing leather!!

Kitty looks so innocent.

Averil's Kitty



We also have a friend named Evelyn (Timekeeper) on Etsy.    Her shop is called EternalVoyagersVault    It is a vintage clothing shop and here are some of her summer items.


Also let’s not forget the best leather collar maker in the world.   He makes belts and wallets too.  All handtooled and handmade.  I know he made mine.  🙂  Lawrence Carter from AcrossLeather


Thank you for spending some time here with me.  I’ll be back when I can.  I’m on my way outside to chase the live cat toys around the yard.  Remember to adopt, love, and take special care of your furry, feathered, and scaly animal friends.  –Seymour

sey in bushes

The News From Here

Seymour Here   Hi, everyone.  It’s been a while since I talked with you last.  We have some new listings up at the Boutique. (ADKArtsBoutique on ( )  I’d like to share them with you and then let you know what my other friends have been up to.  First my human sister Katilee has posted her newest watercolor. It’s a painting of Whiteface Mountain in the Adirondacks.  Whiteface was the home of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics. So here it is in all of it’s glory.Image

It’s beautiful and a great painting for your home, office, or camp. It would make a wonderful gift for any skiing or snowboarding enthusiast, Olympic follower, or nature admirer. It a perfect gift for someone who loves the Adirondack Mountain Region of New York State. She was inspired by the Whiteface Mountain Poster that we have in the shop.  The photograph of the poster was taken by my Dad.

The next two are drawings that Mom has done.  She just likes to convey the feeling the mountains give her.



These are a great way to bring The Adirondacks home.  My mom grew up in those mountains and loves them dearly.  These are great prints for your home, cabin, camp or office.  Any place that need a little Adirondack spirit. So you see we have been busy here.  My Mom is also working (crocheting) a baby blanket that will have a faux fur backing. I’ll give you a hint of what it will look like.


I can’t wait to see it finished.  But then I’m not allowed anywhere near it :((  It’s a good thing I have one of my own. 🙂

My friends have been busy too.  Spots has been practicing roaring like a lion.  He loves to be King of the House and likes everyone to know it. Here he is letting his Mom know it for sure!


When Spots is not roaring or chasing Bobo the Magnificent Rabbit he likes to explore things like boxes.  This is a box that came from my house.  I think he knows that I was near it.  🙂  Spots is such a handsome boy!


Speaking of Bobo the Magnificent Rabbit this is the only place he can get rest after being chased around by Spots.


No he is not in jail just his carrier.  But it does give him a nice safe place to sleep!  Bobo is a beautiful bunny.   Spots and Bobo’s Mom has been busy in her shop at Etsy too.  It’s called RainbowKnit. ( ) Here are some of her newest items.


Now for Skylar.  He been up to his mischief.  I’ll let him tell you his story.


Skylar Here: Remember me telling you about my fleas? Well they are all gone. Mom bombed them good. So maybe we can get together and do some cat nip. But first I have to tell you about This HOT, HOT little Kitty cat named Merry. Wow! Is she a Purdy Tat, if you know what I mean. MEEEOOW! She sure makes howling at the moon fun. I shared Cat Nip with her and Wow! she was banking off the walls at my house. But my mom told me not to have any parties while she was out shopping for me. But I didn’t listen so I’m in big trouble again.  Seymour, I told you about mom throwing my scratching post out because it had fleas didn’t I? Weeeelllllll Merry and I were having a good old time climbing mom’s new curtains and well, you know fooling around and having some fun. Well now, Mom has this potted plant in a very big pot, lots of dirt in it. Well we both had to make a DO-DO pretty bad. Need I say more Seymour? The suns coming up out of the ground and it’s hurting my old blue eyes. Time for me and Merry to catch some ZZZZZZZZZZ’s. Tell you more later buddy. You ain’t heard the worst of it yet. Say hi to the gang up there. Skylar is now leaving the building. CHOW!

As you see Skylar finds lots of ways to get into trouble.  I call him the Trouble Cat.  :))  Chasing Kitty’s and using too much cat nip.  His Mom really needs to keep an eye on him.  But she is busy sometimes painting.  Here is some of her fantastic work.  To see more go to her Etsy shop.  YoyaOriginals ( )

Image        Image

These are lovely paintings and she sells jewelry too.  Just though I’d ought to tell you.

Now for me.  I haven’t been up to too much.  But I all of sudden I like going outside again.  There are so many wonderful live toys out there to chase. I especially love squirrels and chipmunks.  I haven’t seen many chipmunks yet but there are a lot of grey squirrels and even a red one.  Here is my favorite outside toy.


Mom says that they are beautiful.  She took the photos.  But I say they are over the moon beautiful toys!!  I can’t go out to see them today it’s raining.  😦

So I think I’ll stay here inside where it is dry and help Mom with the bookkeeping.  I’m sure I’ll be the best help in the world. Stop by our facebook page when you get a chance we would love to have you visit.


Until next time remember.  Please Adopt, Love, and Protect those furry, feathered, and scaly friends that will always love you unconditionally. Take care and Grab a Cat Nap when you need one, they are delightful. —Seymour

Seymour’s cat collar made by Lawrence Carter from AcrossLeather On Etsy

Seymour The Cat Here

Seymour Here:  Time to check in on a few of my friends, family and of course work.  First I’d thought I’d start with my friend Skylar.  He’s been having a tough time lately.  Here is Skylar trying to stay awake because the sun is shining and he tells his Mom it is daytime. He only likes being a wake at night. I’ll let Skylar tell his own story.


Skylar Here:

I was being kept awake because my Mom had to pack me up and go to Granny’s place because they were bombing fleas at my house and I get scared of loud sounds. Boy, my Mom was very angry because the lady’s cat next door gave the fleas to me and and I didn’t ask for them or want them, but she gave’um to me anyway. My Mom had to dip me and comb me for days, it was painful. She threw all my toys away cause they couldn’t be bombed. OH yah, my soft blankets and my faux fur rug that I loved so much and my carpeted scratch post to. Seymour do you know what she did next? Well she stuffed me in my Skylar traveling cage and hauled me to my Granny’s. I have more stuff to tell yah but gotta go for now. I will have to have some good Catnip before I tell you more.

So you see Skylar is having a tough time.  I’m sure there is more to come the next time I talk to him.  I pass it along to you.  Yoya Skylar’s friend sent this along to be shared with all of you.  It’s called Paws Fur A Cause and Yoya made it for a benefit.  This is just an example of the wonderful art available in Yoya’s Etsy shop YoyaOriginals.



I heard from Lucy and Kitty too.  They are fine, well kinda. Kitty doesn’t like to play with Lucy.  Sometimes I think she just tolerates her. You remember Kitty right?  She looks like me.


Lucy is a real beauty.  Maybe Kitty is a bit jealous.  Don’t you just love those green eyes!!!  Wow!!


When they aren’t being disagreeable to each other they love to pick on their Mom Averil.  Kitty waits for her when she thinks she’s going to bed. She sits at the foot of her bed. Then when Averil is sleeping she can’t turn because she’s lying on her legs. Lucy tries to come up and Kitty gives her a bat and spits at her. So pretty Lucy lies on the floor awhile and then goes over to Averil’s head and lies on it. Then Lucy has to try washing Averil’s face just when she is about to doze off again and poor Averil ends up with red marks all over her face.  People will think its  some sort of skin disease! It is!! It’s called the Rough Tongue of Cat Disease. LOL  Averil has a Etsy shop too.  It’s called JoolsbyAveril  She draws and makes handmade jewelry.  Here is an example of her items.


Now to my friends Spots The Terror Cat, Bobo The Magnificent Rabbit, and Happy Pretty Bird (Parrot)

They are all doing really well.  Their Mom is very happy with how well things work out with the three of them.  It’s simple really, she just has to watch them constantly. 😀   Don’t you just love how he helps his Mom like in the photo below!!


He helps her keep Bobo exercised by chasing her and he keeps Happy in great singing voice by making her squawk.  He does like to play with his toys too.  But alive toys are even better.  I think so too.


This is from Spots Mom’s Etsy Shop  Rainbowknit  This is the only way I like snow.  In the form of Snow Quartz !!


I’ve been busy at ADKArtsBoutique  Keeping everyone in line.  I have been helping Katilee paint and I hope she makes something new for the shop soon.  She and I have been coming up with some great sketches.  So I’m sure something new will be coming soon.  Mom is working on a Baby Blanket.  It a Giraffe.  This will be something unique. Nothing like the usual ones you will see.  I’ll give you a photo update of it next time I talk to you.  Don’t forget our line of bags, purses and pouches.

Here are some of them.





Spring is trying really hard to make some headway here.  It’s raining today.  I’ve been out a couple of times but I don’t like it much right now.  Too cool, not many wild things to chase, and can’t spend my time sleeping.  But wait till this summer I’ll won’t want to stay in and sleep when there will be so much to chase and watch outside.  I’ll be asking to go out all the time.  This is what it has to look like outside before I’m happy to be out there.  This is me last summer.


Oh I almost forgot that we have a new banner at ADKArtsBoutique.  Here it is


It came from this photo that my Dad (Joseph Turon) took.  This is Dandelion Heaven. 😀



So until next time have a great spring.  I’m going to continue to help my sister Katilee paint.  Don’t forget to Adopt, Love, and Protect your furry, feathered, and scaly friends.



PS  Don’t forget to get enough sleep too!! 😀






AWETeam Art Walk on Etsy

AWETeam Art Walk on Etsy

Art Walk April 4 – 6

Vintage floral design tooled leather dog collar by AcrossLeather

Seymour Here. Look at this great Hand Tooled collar made by Larry at AcrossLeather on Etsy. He also makes wallets, belts, cuffs, and more. He is very talented. He made my collar.

Across Leather

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My Friends and Famly

Seymour Here.   Hi, just been busy posting Mom’s and Kati’s new items on facebook.  So I thought I’d show them to you.  I think they are really cool.  My animal friends are here too.  We’ll check in on them.  But first my sister Kati has digitally painted a lovely Mermaid.  Are they real??  Who Knows!!  But this one is lovely.  Image

The mermaid by Katilee Turon

As I mentioned Mom has been really busy too.  Here are two of her new bags she just added to The Boutique


This first one is a beautiful light blue and is made from Worsted Weight Yarn.  Great for a day out or even a evening out on the town.


The next one is a lovely tangerine and light yellow.  Made from tangerine #3 crochet cotton and light yellow fingering yarn.

We call it a purse with attitude.


The bunny isn’t included with the bag even though it’s not as lovely as Bobo.  Speaking of Bobo and my friends they have been up to their usual tricks.  Bobo is chased by Spots.


Isn’t Bobo the most beautiful of Bunny’s.  I think he’s the Easter Bunny and I am going to find out for sure.  One of these days soon I’ll know.  Spots is so busy and such a terror that his Mom has to put Happy and Bobo in separate areas when she leaves.  That means that Spots gets the whole house to himself.  If not he’d be looking like this and there might not be a Bobo or Happy around.  He can be such a bad boy.  But who am I to talk I have killed a wild rabbit outside, not to mention the snakes, chipmunks, crows, etc.


I have a mat just like the black and white one Spots is laying on.  Mine is Brown and Ecru (light tan).  We love to nap on them when we are not tearing through the house.  If you would like one just contact my Mom at the Boutique on Etsy and she’ll make one for you.Image

Speaking of having fun Happy really knows how to do it.  He plays with his Mom.  He throws his toys out of the cage and she has to pick them up.  Now that is fun making our humans get exercise.  It’s up to us to keep them slim and trim.  Image

Sometimes though Happy doesn’t want to have his toys put back and he gets upset.  When he gets mad he does bite a bit.

But his Mom knows The Look.  The one he gives when he just doesn’t want to be bothered.  This is it!



If he looked at me like this I wouldn’t bother him either. LOL  But he is a pretty bird because he is the same color as me.

I haven’t heard from my other friends.  They must be busy helping their Moms.  I’ll let you know what is up with them as soon as they write me.  It is hard to type with cat paws and claws.

I mentioned that my Mom joined a new team on Etsy, TeamVintageUSA.  Here is a link if you want to check out the team.

Well, I just found out what vintage sellers go through sometimes.  It can be quite funny.  My Mom’s friend Whimsey told us this story of her last vacation.  I hope you find it as enjoyable as we did,  It all starts with this beautiful Lucite Purse.


Whimsey says :   I got this beautiful Lucite Purse on our latest vacation in Savannah. I have seen many of them, but most always they have damage – typically ones I find have chips or cracks – which pretty much render them worthless! They are fragile!
This one is in beautiful condition and I couldn’t resist buying it! I found it the first day of your trip…and spent the next 5 days protecting it with my life!! (My husband is like a bull in a china cabinet!!)  As I made that purchase, he made a purchase of 2 glass finials the size of golf balls weighing a pound each. When we got back to our car, I gently put the purse on the floor, and starting wrapping clothes around it to protect it…he reached over and was about to throw the 2 glass finials inside it!! Did you hear me scream “NOOoooooooooo” from up there??!! That night, I insisted on bringing the purse inside with us rather than leaving it in the car – because it isn’t supposed to get cold! The next day we drove on to Florida, and that night I had to bring it inside because it was going to be hot!  He wondered if we were going to have to sleep with it!! And so it went each leg of our journey until we finally arrived home. By the end of trip, he was referring to it as my child!!’ So you see if you think it’s easy to be a vintage seller it really is not.  Image having to protect that on a vacation when you are supposed to be having fun.  Life isn’t easy for anyone is it.  Whimsey’s shop on Etsy is called WhimiscalEverAfter.  She has lots of great items so be sure to check it out.

That is the news here.  Still pretty cold and the rain we had recently melted most of the snow away.  We still have huge snowbanks,  It is also too cold for me to want to go out and play.  So I just going to do what I do best.  Spots and I will show you



That’s Spots and this is me.



So until next time please adopt, love and protect your furry, feathered, and scaly friends because they love you unconditionally!!


PS  This is my wonderful hand tooled leather collar made for me by Lawrence Carter from Across leather on Etsy.


Make the Ordinary Come Alive

Beautiful, Thoughtful, and very inspiring.

Life Is Like That

Do not ask your children

to strive for extraordinary lives.
Such striving may seem admirable,
but it is a way of foolishness.
Help them instead to find the wonder
and the marvel of an ordinary life.
Show them the joy of tasting
tomatoes, apples, and pears.
Show them how to cry
when pets and people die.
Show them the infinite pleasure
in the touch of a hand.
And make the ordinary come alive for them.
The extraordinary will take care of itself.  

By William Martin, The Parent’s Tao Te Ching: Ancient Advice for Modern Parents

Thank you, David Lose.

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New Friends

Seymour here:  I’ve made some new friends and I’d really like you to meet them.  Also catch you up on some of my other friends.  I am very lucky.   First I’d like you to meet Kitty Isn’t she beautiful??  I know she is because she looks a lot like me.  😀


Kitty lives with my mom’s friend Averil.  Kitty was a kitten that Averil got at Petsmart. She was one of the strays that they are trying to find homes for. Somebody found her on a roof.  She’s about 11 now.  Kitty has never been a fat cat. She got along so well with the other cat and the dog she shared her home with.  But sadly the cat and the dog pasted on to animal heaven.  Kitty was very lonely so her mom decided to get her a friend to share her home with. The new cat would be company for her, but she has never really accepted Lucy. Maybe because she is older now and can’t be bothered to play. She just tolerates Lucy. She’s a very nervous cat and runs away if anybody comes to the house. But she has to sleep on top of Averil at night and waits for her to go to bed. Now Lucy comes in the middle of the night and has to wash Averil’s face and hair. Averil is not lonely especially at night.  This is Lucy and I think she is a very pretty kitty.

Averil, Kitty and Lucy’s Mom has an shop called JoolsbyAveril  and she makes wonderful jewelry and does artwork.   Here is a sample of her wonderful items.



Now I’d like you to meet Layla.  She is a type of cat called a Savannah Cat  She needs to have a vacation and is hoping she could come to and visit me for awhile. Her parents are upset with her as she tore up a new leather couch and scratched the top of a table as she was slipping and sliding on it because it had just been waxed. Her parents love her very much but I think she just needs to get away for awhile where she can relax. They have had so much company that they are driving her crazy. She says she will bring her own catnip and will share with me and anyone else that is here.  We could have a cat party.  Layla saw a picture of Skylar and me and I think she thinks we are real hunks.  She needs that vacation soon because she is on the Lam and hiding under the table. She is afraid she may only have 8 lives left by the time she gets there.  This is Layla


She is friends with Skylar and Yoya from YoyaOriginals  (  on  Yoya is Skylar’s Mom.  She did a art painting of Skylar and here it is.Image

Isn’t that great!!!! I love it!!!

Now for my Friends In Singapore.  Spots is up to his usual tricks of picking on Bobo The Magnificent Rabbit and Happy Bird.

He loves to chase Bobo through the house and make Happy Talk.  Spots is doing so well because his mom takes such good care of him. It’s hard to believe he has cat HIV.  Here is Spots with the beautiful green eyes.Image

Here is Bobo The Magnificent Rabbit that puts up with being chased by Spots.


The is of course Happy Bird.  He is so beautiful.  He also looks like me. 😀


Spots, Bobo, and Happy’s mom makes the most beautiful jewelry.  Great for weddings. special occasions, or just anytime.

Her shop is called SwamiJewelry on  (  Here is an example.


Now for me I’ve had a busy week.  My Mom’s fingers have been busy making bags of all kinds for our shop ADKArtsBoutique on Etsy (  I had to help Dad pack and ship some out.  Nothing leaves the shop without my inspection to make sure that they are perfect.  Here is what she has been up to.






Like I said she has been very busy.  This is what her desk looks like.  It’s a mess but that’s good.  If not then she wouldn’t be busy. Image

The printer is covered because that is where I sit.  I’m not allowed to be on her crocheting.  I do walk on and sleep on the keyboard though.  It’s the most fun when she is typing. 😀   I have been spending my free time playing with Ursa my best friend.  She is the most beautiful gold.



So when I’m not playing with Ursa or working at The Boutique I am doing what I do best.  ImageImage

Have a great time until I get the chance to talk to you all again.  I’m looking forward to it.  Please remember to adopt, love, and care for all your furry, feathered, and scaly friends.  They do love you unconditionally.  That is true love. 😀

Take Care  Seymour

PS If you noticed my beautiful collar.  It was custom made for me by Lawrence Carter of AcrossLeather on Etsy (  He does great leather work.  Don’t you just love the hand tooling on my collar. 😀   Thank you Larry.