Seymour Here!!

Seymour Here –  Hi everyone!!  It’s been a long time since I’ve had a chance to talk to you all.  You see Mom became a leader of a new great team on Etsy.  It’s called TeamVintageUSA.  It’s a team of vintage and handmade sellers.  It’s a fun team and hassle free.  The only requirement is that shops have to be located in the United States.  Buyers are very welcome to join also. This is our logo. :))


The Captain of the team is Denise from oldandnew8 on Etsy.  She sells beautiful vintage items.  Here is a link to her shop and an item that she sells.


As for us here at ADKArtsBoutique  we have been very busy.  Mom has finished and listed a new crocheted baby blanket.  It is so lovely.  A giraffe sitting on a cloud and the cloud is very soft.  So now you have 2 to chose from. They would make a great baby shower, christmas, or birthday gift.  Great for babies and toddlers.  Both the blankets have a faux fur backing that is soft, warm, and comfy.



We spent one weekend climbing in the Adirondacks.  We climbed Big and Little Crow mountain.  I shouldn’t say we, they left me at home. 😦  Mom, Dad, and Katilee went.  Ben was at work so I was all alone except for my best friend Ursa.  (Goldfish).  I couldn’t even get on the interent so I could talk to Spots in Singapore. ;(  But they came home with some beautiful photographs.  Mom posted one in the shop and here it is.


Look at the beautiful view I missed.  But I’ll get to see it anytime I want now without having to climb a mountain.  That is good because  between you and I climbing mountains is not really something I would like.  But I do love the photos. :))  They really had a great day.  It was beautiful and sunny.  They met nice people on the summit with their dog.  Here is some photos of the fun that they had. 🙂


That is my sister Katilee on the right isn’t she pretty. Especially that lovely smile but then I’m her cat brother.  She has been very busy too.  She went to outer space.  Well in her artwork that is where she went.  Here is her newest.  It’s a set of 2 differernt digital paintings. They would be so beautiful in a frame with a black matte.



It makes me just want to catch the nearest starship and take a ride.  Maybe some of my friends could come with me.  Speaking of my friends I have just a bit of news.  I haven’t heard from Skylar (he’s probably in trouble again) and Lucy and Kitty’s Mom had been away so they are probably staying pretty close to her now that she’s home.

Spots is sad becasue he can’t use Bobo the Bunny as his live toy any more.  No more playing.  He didn’t know it but it upset Bobo more that she let on.  So their Mom has to keep them separated.

This is a sad Spots:


So now all Spots can do is help his Mom make beautiful things for her 2 shops.



and Rainbowknit



Spot’s Mom can knit beautifully.

I have just been enjoying myself helping my Mom and playing outside.  Being outside it the best. 🙂




So after all that hard work and playing I have to do what cats to best.  That is to take a cat nap. So until next time take care of those who love you unconditionally.  Your furry, feathered, and scaly friends.  Please adopt, rescue, and love.  –Seymour



PS Looking for the perfect present for your furry friends.  Just visit AcrossLeather on Etsy.  You just might find something for yourself too.  I’m also in their banner. 🙂  You’ll recongize me I’m the cat 🙂  Say “hi” to Lawrence for me.



Lives and Times Of Seymour

Seymour Here.  I hope all mothers out there had a very happy day yesterday.  Even I got dressed up for the occasion.  I was so unfortunate because I didn’t catch a chipmunk, a squirrel, or a rabbit.  That meant I didn’t have a present from my human Mom.  I think she was just as happy with my getting all spruced up for the day.  What do you think?


I think I look really good in my bow tie. 🙂

We have been busy at ADKArtsBoutique on Etsy.  Here is what we have added that is new.

This is a Crocheted Baby Blanket that Mom made.  It even has an faux fur backing.  So soft!!  I have one too that used to belong to my brother Ben when he was a baby.  Two new backings later and it’s still going.  It’s also machine wash and dry.  Mom likes that so she can keep it clean and tidy for me.  It’s also great for the babies because we all know babies can be cute but messy. 🙂


Next thing that is new is my sister Katilee made this wonderful fall painting. We just call it Autumn.  It the feeling of the fall leaves with the wind blowing as a storm is rolling in.


I love to look at Autumn paintings and photographs any time of year.  It’s my favorite season next to summer.  I love the fall color and chasing the leaves in the yard.  Though not as much fun as chipmunks and rabbits.

I bet you have been wondering whats up with all my friends.  Well I’ll tell you.

First my Singapore buddies Spots, Bobo, and Happy

Spots is doing really well.  Busy chasing Bobo the living toy, making Happy squawk, and chasing lizards.

This is Spots hunting.  He tells his Mom he’s looking for me but I know better.


He hunt and plays so hard that he gets like me.  Hungry!!!  This his how he looks when he wants food from his Mom.


Then after he convinces her to feed him then he get very tired and needs to find a place to lay down.

He needs to get his energy back to chase Bobo.  LOL



For those of you who don’t know Bobo.  Here is the living cat toy.  At least that is what Spots thinks no matter how many times his Mom tells him that Bobo is a bunny and another pet.


When Spots is napping or in the other room his Mom lets Happy stretch his wings.  Happy really like doing that.  Can’t you just see him smiling in this photo.


Their Mom  Yet Mee Kin of Swami Jewelry has been busy in her two Etsy shops.  RainbowKnit and SwamiJewelry  Here are some of her wonderful handmade items.

Swami Jewelry






Now about Skylar and his antics.  We all know about his girlfriend Merry and have been wondering what she looks like. So this is Merry.  Wow she looks like Spots!!!  No wonder he is crazy about her.

Merry Yoyas Cat

Skylar has sent me a letter telling me what he has been up to.  So I’ll let him tell you.

Hey Duds, Skylar here, just checking in to let ya all know what’s happening in my life right now.
Merry is still banned from playtime at my house. Mom says she is a mischief maker. Who would of thought that breaking and entering my catnip cupboard would cause soooo much trouble. EEE.Meow meow hisss and spit. Now because we did the stinky DO-DO in mommy’s flower pots, Merry can’t come over until I make STOP signs that say NO POOPING HERE!!! Seymour I am so longing to see Merry but I must focus on these DO-DO be gone signs. So I must get busy with the job at hand. Will catch ya later buddy.



We also have a dog story for you.  This is from Yoya’a Dog Key Key D.

That parrot that hangs out there needs to work out her wings because Those cats that are strung out on catnip say they are coming back and they are going to clip her wings good for her/him and they are fixing to serve her under glass. You Know like they do the pheasants. Her mom better be giving her lots of seed ammo to head’um off at the pass. I will be sending in the baby gargoyles to help protect her. Their names are Picker, Chewy and Bellyacher. You’ll know’um when you see’um.. Will wire you more later. YoyaOriginals

Key Key D in Yoya Outfit.


Picker, Chewy and Bellyacher



Now for our other friends Lucy and Kitty.  They belong to Averil  from JoolsbyAveril

Averil says that Lucy is fat now and waddles when she walks.  I think she is just beautiful.  What do you think?

Averils lucy cat

Kitty is the star in a mystery.  I’ll let his Mom Averil tell you about it.

I forgot to tell you about Kitty. I was making a leather bracelet and this piece of leather had a knot in it. So I asked Ronald to get the knot out for me. Later, I asked him where my piece of leather was. He said that he had left it on the bed. I told him that it wasn’t there. I have been giving Kitty and Lucy my left over pieces of macrame cord to play with. I’ve been tying ribbons on and beads for them to play with. Kitty must have picked up my leather cord. I told her she better find it!! Ronald said he hoped she hadn’t eaten it. I said, “She better not, I’m making a bracelet out of it!” Do you know that leather has disappeared, that was 2 days ago. Well, she hasn’t thrown it up, so I’ve no idea where that piece of leather is!!! The mystery of the missing leather!!

Kitty looks so innocent.

Averil's Kitty



We also have a friend named Evelyn (Timekeeper) on Etsy.    Her shop is called EternalVoyagersVault    It is a vintage clothing shop and here are some of her summer items.


Also let’s not forget the best leather collar maker in the world.   He makes belts and wallets too.  All handtooled and handmade.  I know he made mine.  🙂  Lawrence Carter from AcrossLeather


Thank you for spending some time here with me.  I’ll be back when I can.  I’m on my way outside to chase the live cat toys around the yard.  Remember to adopt, love, and take special care of your furry, feathered, and scaly animal friends.  –Seymour

sey in bushes