Wow I have been Gone a long time but Back with Great News.

Seymour Here:

Hi, everyone!!!  I missed all of you but we have been so busy this past winter and most of the spring.  What have we been up to?  Lots.  And I’ll have to catch you up on my friends too.

Where to Start.

First, I should announce that ADKArtsBoutique is having a SALE!!  Yep.  We have a sale going on right now of all of our handcrafted handbags.  All you need to do is use the coupon code: SPRINGFLING24 for a 10% discount.  Here are just a few!!


Now the BIG NEWS!!  We have opened a third shop on Etsy.  It is called BirchwoodGallery.  It will be full of art, drawings, and photography.  Need something for that wall, here is the place to come to.  It is run by my sister Katilee so stop by and say hello.

Here is a glimpse into her great shop and I’m the mascot there too. 🙂

My mom has started a whole new line in ADKArtsBoutique.  Guess who is the top model. ME!!  Yep, pet clothes and here is me doing my modeling job.  She just started this new section and plans on adding more handmade original designs soon.  She can make these for any pet you have from hamster to large dog.  This is Rico modeling one mom made for him.

FullSizeRender (2)

Here I am strutting my cat stuff.  Not bad if I say so myself.

Here is Moses.  He is a satisfied customer.  He got a poncho and a blanket.  Lucky Kitty.


My Dad is still busy with his Etsy Shop MountainAireVintage.  He is adding new items every day.  Vintage and Antiques are his favorite things next to me.  He especially loves beautiful old glassware.  Here are some of his newest items.  Stop by and say hi to Dad.


Now to tell you about my friends.  I’ll start with Spots.  He is a busy Kitty helping his mom in her Etsy shops.  and    When he is not doing that he is having fun with his playmates.  Here is my best friend from Singapore.  As you can see he is a great help, he keeps his mom’s fingers warm when she is working.  Oh, can’t let the keyboard get cold either.  We cats have to work very hard.

I have a doggie friend which you already met being dog model of the year.  His name is Rico and he lives in Pennsylvania.  He helps his mom too in her Etsy shop.

My mom has taken up bike riding.  She wants to be a biker chick but I just hate to tell her that it a motorcycle you need to ride.  Not a bicycle to be one.  Sometimes these humans get it all wrong.  Some even think horses are bicycles.  LOL  Good thing pets are here to take care of them.

That is the news from here.  I spend as much time as possible helping Mom.  I have my own place next to her when she is working.  I lay on top of a large tote and she thinks I’m sleeping. I’m really keeping an eye on her.  I have to watch these people all the time or they get into trouble.  A cat’s work is never done.   Goodbye for now.  I’ll be back Soon, Seymour




Lives and Times Of Seymour

Seymour Here.  I hope all mothers out there had a very happy day yesterday.  Even I got dressed up for the occasion.  I was so unfortunate because I didn’t catch a chipmunk, a squirrel, or a rabbit.  That meant I didn’t have a present from my human Mom.  I think she was just as happy with my getting all spruced up for the day.  What do you think?


I think I look really good in my bow tie. 🙂

We have been busy at ADKArtsBoutique on Etsy.  Here is what we have added that is new.

This is a Crocheted Baby Blanket that Mom made.  It even has an faux fur backing.  So soft!!  I have one too that used to belong to my brother Ben when he was a baby.  Two new backings later and it’s still going.  It’s also machine wash and dry.  Mom likes that so she can keep it clean and tidy for me.  It’s also great for the babies because we all know babies can be cute but messy. 🙂


Next thing that is new is my sister Katilee made this wonderful fall painting. We just call it Autumn.  It the feeling of the fall leaves with the wind blowing as a storm is rolling in.


I love to look at Autumn paintings and photographs any time of year.  It’s my favorite season next to summer.  I love the fall color and chasing the leaves in the yard.  Though not as much fun as chipmunks and rabbits.

I bet you have been wondering whats up with all my friends.  Well I’ll tell you.

First my Singapore buddies Spots, Bobo, and Happy

Spots is doing really well.  Busy chasing Bobo the living toy, making Happy squawk, and chasing lizards.

This is Spots hunting.  He tells his Mom he’s looking for me but I know better.


He hunt and plays so hard that he gets like me.  Hungry!!!  This his how he looks when he wants food from his Mom.


Then after he convinces her to feed him then he get very tired and needs to find a place to lay down.

He needs to get his energy back to chase Bobo.  LOL



For those of you who don’t know Bobo.  Here is the living cat toy.  At least that is what Spots thinks no matter how many times his Mom tells him that Bobo is a bunny and another pet.


When Spots is napping or in the other room his Mom lets Happy stretch his wings.  Happy really like doing that.  Can’t you just see him smiling in this photo.


Their Mom  Yet Mee Kin of Swami Jewelry has been busy in her two Etsy shops.  RainbowKnit and SwamiJewelry  Here are some of her wonderful handmade items.

Swami Jewelry






Now about Skylar and his antics.  We all know about his girlfriend Merry and have been wondering what she looks like. So this is Merry.  Wow she looks like Spots!!!  No wonder he is crazy about her.

Merry Yoyas Cat

Skylar has sent me a letter telling me what he has been up to.  So I’ll let him tell you.

Hey Duds, Skylar here, just checking in to let ya all know what’s happening in my life right now.
Merry is still banned from playtime at my house. Mom says she is a mischief maker. Who would of thought that breaking and entering my catnip cupboard would cause soooo much trouble. EEE.Meow meow hisss and spit. Now because we did the stinky DO-DO in mommy’s flower pots, Merry can’t come over until I make STOP signs that say NO POOPING HERE!!! Seymour I am so longing to see Merry but I must focus on these DO-DO be gone signs. So I must get busy with the job at hand. Will catch ya later buddy.



We also have a dog story for you.  This is from Yoya’a Dog Key Key D.

That parrot that hangs out there needs to work out her wings because Those cats that are strung out on catnip say they are coming back and they are going to clip her wings good for her/him and they are fixing to serve her under glass. You Know like they do the pheasants. Her mom better be giving her lots of seed ammo to head’um off at the pass. I will be sending in the baby gargoyles to help protect her. Their names are Picker, Chewy and Bellyacher. You’ll know’um when you see’um.. Will wire you more later. YoyaOriginals

Key Key D in Yoya Outfit.


Picker, Chewy and Bellyacher



Now for our other friends Lucy and Kitty.  They belong to Averil  from JoolsbyAveril

Averil says that Lucy is fat now and waddles when she walks.  I think she is just beautiful.  What do you think?

Averils lucy cat

Kitty is the star in a mystery.  I’ll let his Mom Averil tell you about it.

I forgot to tell you about Kitty. I was making a leather bracelet and this piece of leather had a knot in it. So I asked Ronald to get the knot out for me. Later, I asked him where my piece of leather was. He said that he had left it on the bed. I told him that it wasn’t there. I have been giving Kitty and Lucy my left over pieces of macrame cord to play with. I’ve been tying ribbons on and beads for them to play with. Kitty must have picked up my leather cord. I told her she better find it!! Ronald said he hoped she hadn’t eaten it. I said, “She better not, I’m making a bracelet out of it!” Do you know that leather has disappeared, that was 2 days ago. Well, she hasn’t thrown it up, so I’ve no idea where that piece of leather is!!! The mystery of the missing leather!!

Kitty looks so innocent.

Averil's Kitty



We also have a friend named Evelyn (Timekeeper) on Etsy.    Her shop is called EternalVoyagersVault    It is a vintage clothing shop and here are some of her summer items.


Also let’s not forget the best leather collar maker in the world.   He makes belts and wallets too.  All handtooled and handmade.  I know he made mine.  🙂  Lawrence Carter from AcrossLeather


Thank you for spending some time here with me.  I’ll be back when I can.  I’m on my way outside to chase the live cat toys around the yard.  Remember to adopt, love, and take special care of your furry, feathered, and scaly animal friends.  –Seymour

sey in bushes

AWETeam Art Walk on Etsy

AWETeam Art Walk on Etsy

Art Walk April 4 – 6

My New Friend Skylar and My Bath Time

Seymour Here.  Hi all.  Just dropped in to tell you what’s up with me.  I have a new friend.  This is Skylar.  He lives in Florida and wants me to hunt Lizards with him.  That is what he is doing in the photo.


Skylar and I will become great friends I know it.  But I’m leaving the lizard hunting to him.

I hope every one has had a great St. Patrick’s Day.  Now this is the way to celebrate.


Now I’d like to tell you a bit about Skylar’s mom.  Her name is Yoya and she is a great artist. She is writing a book too.  It will be about a Swan and a Dinky Bird.  Oh what is a Dinky Bird.  Well this is.  The artwork is belongs to YoyaOriginals©


Isn’t cute.  I love it.  Can’t wait for the book to come out and when it does I’ll definitely let you all know.  What other art does Skylar’s mom do.  Here are some examples.



But being a cat this is my favorite one!!!  It’s call cat and mouse.  Isn’t it fun!!


All of these beautiful paintings and more are available at Etsy. YoyaOriginals.  Here is a link if you’d like to check it out.

My other friends are all fine.  They are happy and healthy.  That is the best news.  My St Patricks Day was cold.  No Green Beer for me either.  I’m not sure I’d like it much anyway.   I did have to have a bath though.  I have dry cat skin and it makes me itchy.  So I have to have a bath now and then.  I look funny when I take one.  The villain that is giving me one is my mom  and my sister Kati took the photos.  She thinks their funny.  I don’t !!!



Here I am drying off under the heat lamp.  At least it’s warm and toasty


But once I get all dry I can get tucked in and take a nap.  Now that what I call living!!


So I’m off back to dreaming of summer and being outside chasing all the wonderful little creatures out there.  Please Adopt, Love, and Protect your furry, feathered, and scaly friends they love you unconditionally. —Seymour

Meet Happy Bird

Seymour here:  Just wanted to let you know that Spots mom sent me some photos of his bird friend Happy.  Happy is a beautiful parrot.  Even more beautiful because of her lovely color.  Come to think of it it’s the same color as me. There is something wonderful about silver blue grey. 😀



Isn’t he the most beautiful parrot and he talks too. Spots likes to pick on him so his mom is trying to teach him to say “go away Spots”.   That should make Spots nervous it would scare me, a bird saying my name.  Could you imagine outside chasing a big bird and him turning around  and telling me “Seymour go away”  I’d faint.   Spots is doing well.  Has to be careful of what he eats.  If he eats the wrong things it makes him sick.  No one likes to be sick so his mom makes sure he gets just what he is supposed to.  For a cat with HIV he is doing so well.  His mom is my hero for taking such good care of him.  She is the most lovely dear lady on this earth. She has a beautiful name Mee  Kin.

I am lucky to have such wonderful friends. I myself am still waiting for spring.  Still cold and snowy here.  I just saw a big hawk outside my window chasing a rabbit.  The rabbit got away!!  But the hawk sat in the tree where I could watch him for quite a while.  That was so much fun. 

So I guess I’ll go back waiting for spring.  Please adopt, love, and take care of your furry friends.





ADKArtsBoutique Adds New Listings

Seymour Here:  I don’t think I should say I’ve been busy.  My mom has been very busy.  First she has made this beautiful table runner, dresser scarf, or piano scarf. As you see this lovely item has lots of uses.


Isn’t that just beautiful.  Also her fingers were busy making assorted bag and pouches.

First an ipad tote



Next is a lovely green bag which will hold a galaxy 5 cell phone or anything else.  Would make a great gift.


Now we have a wonderful rose colored clutch.  It will hold a galaxy phone but would really make a great clutch for a evening out or a wedding.  And it would make a great gift!


We also have a smaller clutch that is yellow and black.  This would be great to hold all those little things you lose in your bag.


Last but not least.  A very pretty yellow that reminds me of spring.  It’s small drawstring bag. These can hold all those wonderful necessities that we all have to carry.


So as you can see mom’s been busy adding new items to The Boutique.  In the near future she will be adding some more bags and a white doily or two.  So stop by The Boutique and check out all of these wonderful new items and all the fantastic arts, crochet, crafts, and photography.  Grab a coffee and relax and enjoy an Adirondack Experience.

Thank you for reading my blog–Seymour

PS  Don’t forget The AWETeam First Friday Art Walk March 7-9th


Looking for Spring!!!

Seymour here:  My last post I told you what was new in our shop.  Now I’d like to tell you about my friends.  Here is my best friend Spots.  He loves to drive his human mother crazy by picking on his friends Bobo and Happy.  He loves to chase Bobo ( Rabbit) and stick his paws in Happy’s cage (parrot).  I’m not much better I love to tap on Ursa’s (goldfish) tank just to make her swim. LOL


Bobo The Magnificent Rabbit has had a hair cut.  Now he doesn’t look like a tribble.  More like a stock broker.  Such a good rabbit to put up with Spots antics.


I don’t happen to have any photos of Happy.  I’ll have to ask his mom for some.

Ursa is a great friend.  She puts up with me.  Image

Now me.  I’ve been just looking out the window watching for spring to come.  I think I have a long wait.  It’s very cold out and supposed to snow on and off all the rest of the week and into next week.  I dream of last year when I was out side on my rope playing.


Or camping with my family


But it looks like this outside right now.


So I guess I’ll have to be patient and wait for Spring and this is the best way I know how.

Have a great last day of February and Happy March tomorrow-  Seymour


Guess What???

Seymour here.  Just thought I’d check in and let you know whats new here at ADKArtsBoutique ( We’ve bought a new photo printer so our prints are even more spectacular.  We believe in giving our customers the very best quality prints and images.  So a beautiful image like this will be stunning.


Have a great last day of February- Seymour

Etsy’s QVintage and Friend Spring 2014

Seymour Here: Hi, My Friend Violeta from Q Vintage on Etsy made this lovely video. We are featured in it along with other great Etsy shops. Please take a minute and check it out. You knows what wonderful items you’ll find. Thank You.

Whats New!!

Seymour Here.  Hi Everyone.   Just thought it was time to check in and let you all know whats NEW! First my Mom and Dad went out last night to the theater (Proctor’s in Schenectady NY) and saw the musical Sister Act.  Not like the movie and all different music. But they liked it a even more so.  They had a great time, brought home hamburgers and nothing for me. What’s up with that???  Oh well.

There has been lots of snow and cold here this winter.  But we have a heat wave today highs in the 40’s.  Believe me that is warm compared to what we have had.  I can’t wait till it’s all gone and warm so I can go out and play on my leash.  Chase a few chipmunk, squirrels, rabbits, toads, and my favorite snakes.  My sister Kati hates it when I bring snakes to her but I just don’t know why.

At the Boutique we have been busy adding a new digital art painting and photograph.  I personally think that they are fantastic.  They are cat approved.  Of course I approve of everything that goes into the boutique.

First there is Kati’s new painting.  It is called Irish Darling.  This  digital art painting is darling and has a nice feeling to it.  An Irish maiden takes a walk through the countryside. Enjoying the mists in the hills she stops by a stone wall to have her portrait painted by a young artist. This is the Irish dream I see when I gaze upon this lovely painting. What is yours?             


Next is my brother Ben’s new photograph.  Its called Snow Train.  This is a wonderful photograph of an Amtrak Train heading north through a snowstorm. The wheels kick up the snow as the train speeds by on it’s way to Montreal. This photograph would be great in a den, man cave, office or studio. It’s a really great gift for any train enthusiast. So come with us and enjoy the magic of the rails.


My friends are doing fine.  Ursa swims around her bowl, shares her food and keeps me company when humans are gone.


Spots is doing well.  He’s helping his Mom with her Etsy shops Rainbowknit and Swamijewelry


Bobo The Magnificent is getting spoiled as always.  Spots loves to terrorize him.


Hope you all are having a great day.  Waiting for dinner time here.  Keep warm, well fed, and comfy.  Don’t for get to hug your human today.  They need special attention.  As always “Save A Life, Adopt”  or  “Save A Stray”  Everyone needs a home with lots of love.